Advantys Announces WorkflowGen Version 7.0

Montreal, Feb. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advantys, a leading workflow software vendor, is pleased to announce the release of WorkflowGen version 7.0, which offers several major improvements including a new GraphQL API, support for incoming webhooks and the introduction of a new hybrid approach with Node.js technology.

WorkflowGen GraphQL API

With the GraphQL API, developers have control over the data they want to manipulate and exchange with WorkflowGen. Whether for a mobile app, a web application or micro services, they have exactly the data they want with optimal performance. The WorkflowGen GraphQL API offers a new level of integration and customization by letting developers extend the GraphQL schema to add their own types, queries, and mutations. With great freedom and speed, developers can create original solutions with high added value by going beyond the traditional frameworks of workflows and BPM in general.

Incoming webhooks

Incoming webhooks are modern and simple solutions to integrate WorkflowGen with external applications. Developers can create incoming webhooks to complete a workflow action or to create a new request, and more operations are available. They just need to post a JSON payload to a unique URL generated by WorkflowGen's new incoming webhook workflow application; no additional authentication is required.

Hybrid approach with Node.js and .NET

The new GraphQL API and incoming webhooks are Node.js applications running as IIS applications and fully integrated with the WorkflowGen .NET infrastructure. This new hybrid approach with Node.js on top of the .NET workflow engine offers the best of both worlds: fast integration and customization with Node.js, along with high performance and mature BPM algorithms with .NET.

About Advantys

The WorkflowGen business application creation solution is developed by Advantys. Founded in 1995 by the current management team, Advantys specializes in the creation of information systems designed to simplify complex business communication exchanges. Advantys’ products have been deployed by thousands of customers worldwide to automate processes, publish web sites, as well as collaborate and develop web applications. First released in 2003, WorkflowGen is used by organizations of all sizes to accelerate business apps creation with low-code workflow automation.

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