Advantys Announces the Adoption of GraphQL for its WorkflowGen Workflow Software API

Montreal, Feb. 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advantys is among the very first BPM and workflow software vendors to adopt GraphQL for its WorkflowGen API.

With GraphQL, developers have control over data they want to manipulate and exchange with the WorkflowGen API. Whether for a mobile app, a web application or micro services, they have exactly the data they want with optimal performance.

With great freedom and speed, developers can create original solutions with high added value by going beyond the traditional frameworks of workflows and BPM in general.

"WorkflowGen is a low-code development tool for creating process-based applications with a high level of configuration possibilities. Through its flexible and modern approach, GraphQL allows WorkflowGen to reach a whole new level of integration and customization," said Arnaud Bezançon, CTO and co-founder of Advantys. "GraphQL was a natural choice for the new WorkflowGen API and fits perfectly into the product innovation strategy centered on fluidity, transparency and innovation. GraphQL is perfectly suited to modern frameworks like React, React Native, Angular, Vue, .NET Core and many others supported by a very dynamic community. Thanks to the schema and the GraphiQL IDE, the API is intuitive and integration can begin immediately with the technologies involved."

Another benefit offered by GraphQL is its ability to open the WorkflowGen API and especially its GraphQL schema so that customers can "extend" the WorkflowGen GraphQL schema with their own fields, types and mutations. This new possibility brought about by Advantys' use of GraphQL with Node.js immediately opens new fields in the integration and creation of complex solutions. So instead of "hooking" their APIs to that of WorkflowGen, developers can "extend" the WorkflowGen GraphQL schema to add their own integrations for transparent natural use. For example, a client can extend the Request or Action types to add fields querying its real-time information system. The front-end developer can thus continue working in the GraphQL schema, which allows significant development time savings and optimized teamwork.

The new WorkflowGen GraphQL API is available in Alpha with version 7.0.0.

About Advantys

The WorkflowGen business application creation solution is developed by Advantys. Founded in 1995 by the current management team, Advantys specializes in the creation of information systems designed to simplify complex business communication exchanges. Advantys’ products have been deployed by thousands of customers worldwide to automate processes, publish web sites, as well as collaborate and develop web applications. First released in 2003, WorkflowGen is used by organizations of all sizes to accelerate business apps creation with low-code workflow automation.

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