Century Center Chiropractic Celebrates Over 25 Years of Chiropractic Service to the Atlanta Community

Atlanta, Georgia, UNITED STATES

ATLANTA, Feb. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Chiropractor Dr. Jared Simon has served the chiropractic needs of residents in and around Atlanta and has partnered to improve the quality of lives of neighbors for more than 25 years. Dr. Simon has had a distinguished career and residents may recognize him from his appearance on NBC-TV’s “Peachtree Morning” and insights on back pain on WGST Radio. This official chiropractor for the Atlanta Screen Actors Guild and Atlanta Equity Actors Union supports the health needs of each and every patient. New patients receive a special offer of only $40 dollars on their initial visit at Century Center Chiropractic.

Dr. Jared Simon is a well-known and respected chiropractor who has served the Atlanta community since 1992. In addition to being featured on “Peachtree Morning” and WGST radio, he is the founder of “The Atlanta Actors Healthnet,” serving the health needs of performing artists. He has treated hundreds of actors from television, film, and theater.

Dr. Jared Simon first graduated with a Bachelor of Science in nutrition, before receiving a Doctor of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic University in Marietta, Georgia. He is licensed by the Georgia Board of Chiropractic, the New York Board of Chiropractic and the National Board of Chiropractic. Chiropractic techniques that he uses include the Gonstead Technique, Motion Palpitation, Thompson Drop, Upper Cervical, Activator, Flexion/Distraction, and S.O.T. As an experienced chiropractor, he is dedicated to promoting the well-being of patients with a holistic approach. Chiropractic techniques and lifestyle adjustments help patients achieve improved quality of health.

“I am pleased to help Atlanta residents support their health with a range of non-invasive and therapeutic techniques,” said Dr. Jared Simon. “As a chiropractor, I enjoy addressing patient concerns and helping neighbors feel and move better. I look forward to opportunities to share my experience and expertise with those experiencing pain and address issues at their source. I am grateful to have become a resource for those in the area for more than 25 years and I hope to continue to do so for many years to come.”

Dr. Jared Simon offers chiropractic care in Atlanta, GA at Century Center Chiropractic to the residents of Atlanta and the surrounding communities. Patients benefit from a holistic approach to health that addresses the underlying cause of dysfunction. New patients can take advantage of the $40 new patient special that includes a consultation, two X-rays, and an exam. Century Center Chiropractic services include chiropractic care, motion palpitation, Diversified Technique, Gonstead Technique, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Hydro massage, physiotherapy, and physical therapy. The staff is dedicated to helping patients achieve optimal outcomes at Century Center Chiropractic.

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