NordiaSoft Announces General Availability of its new SCA v4.1 Embedded Components Suite

Gatineau, Quebec, CANADA

GATINEAU, Québec, Feb. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NordiaSoft today announced the general availability of its new Embedded Components (eCo) Suite, a complete ecosystem for component based embedded software development particularly suited for military and public safety radio equipment, radars, electronic warfare, signal intelligence, test & instrumentation, and more.

The NordiaSoft eCo Suite includes:

  • eCo Hub, a runtime deployment engine that implements the Software Communications Architecture v4.1, with an expanded Application Backwards Compatible Unit of Functionality that supports deployment of a mixture of SCAv4.1 and SCAv2.2.2 components at both the platform and the application levels.
  • eCo Architect, an Eclipse ™ based graphical modeling tool with a powerful C++ code generator for the development of applications and platform nodes, and
  • eCo Inspector, the essential Eclipse ™ tool for runtime interaction, introspection and health monitoring of SCA Systems.

“Our Embedded Components Suite takes full advantage of new features of the SCA v4.1 like processor core allocation at runtime, which gives developers great flexibility in designing and creating component based applications. Deployment of software components can be decided at runtime to target distributed processors, or collocated within a process address space, and even chose core allocation based on processor affinity without having to change a single line of code,” said Steve Bernier, CTO of NordiaSoft.

The new eCo Suite includes full automatic transformation of the NordiaSoft SCARI SCA Architect models based on SCA 2.2.2 to the most recent SCA v4.1 version of the specification. For non NordiaSoft customers, the eCo Suite is also offered with consulting services to upgrade SCA 2.2.2 artifacts created manually (or using other toolsets) into SCA v4.1 compliant artifacts with eCo Suite models and C++ source code.

About NordiaSoft

NordiaSoft offers products and services for those who need to create state of the art software-defined platforms as used in the telecommunications, aerospace, radar, electronic warfare, robotics, transportation and instrumentation domains.



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