Clinical Utility Study Demonstrating Improved Patient Outcomes With Proove Pain Perception Published in the Peer-Reviewed Journal of Psychiatric Research

Researchers from University of Southern California, Interventional Pain Institute, and Proove Biosciences Publish Clinical Utility Study Supporting Precision Medicine in Pain Perception

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 13, 2017) -  Proove Biosciences, Inc., the Healthcare Decision Company™, is pleased to announce the publication of a clinical study supporting the clinical utility of Proove Pain Perception® Profile in the latest edition of the peer-reviewed Journal of Psychiatric Research. In the study entitled, An observational study of the impact of genetic testing for pain perception in the clinical management of chronic non-cancer pain, researchers from the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles, Interventional Pain Institute in Baltimore, and Proove Biosciences published findings which demonstrate how clinicians use Proove Pain Perception to improve clinical outcomes for patients.

Adding to the voluminous clinical validity evidence supporting Proove Pain Perception that is published in marquee peer-reviewed journals such as Human Molecular Genetics, Science, and Pain, this clinical utility study demonstrates the impact of physician decision-making and patient outcomes using this technology. "It is gratifying to see Proove's collaborative efforts gain acceptance among our vast community of discerning peers," says Dr. Maneesh Sharma, lead author of the study, Medical Director of the Interventional Pain Institute and member of Proove's Medical Advisory Board. "Proove is committed to uncovering the best treatment options for pain patients, and through this study, we hope to advance the adoption of precision medicine solutions in clinical settings to reduce the burden of chronic pain and prescription opioid abuse. We are grateful to our colleagues and to the Journal of Psychiatric Research for their recognition of our findings."

Proove Pain Perception® Profile provides an objective measure of pain perception based, in part, on genetic markers in the catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) gene. The proprietary haplotype algorithm characterizing this gene was invented by NIH-funded scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the exclusive rights to this intellectual property was licensed to Proove Biosciences. In this study, authors found that using Proove Pain Perception substantially affected physician clinical decision-making and that the availability and utilization of this information was a contributing factor in clinical improvement.

These findings demonstrate the clinical utility and actionability of the already clinically-validated algorithm behind the Proove Pain Perception Profile. "With opioid abuse and deaths from overdose at an all-time high as a result of mismanaged or misunderstood chronic pain, we have no doubt that these innovative treatment solutions may soon be the go-to option for thousands of doctors, surgeons and hospitals," adds Sharma.

Since launching in 2009, Proove Biosciences has become the commercial and educational leader in the research, investigation and development of patent-protected tests that combine genetic and clinical data into reports to help physicians individualize -- and optimize -- medicine selection and dosing. Proove is backed by science, driven by data and supported by an advisory board of the world's leading medical experts. Its patented bioinformatics platform for collecting, storing, analyzing and integrating biological and genetic information, is changing the future of healthcare.

"Over the past 5 years, Proove has been conducting a number of multi-center studies involving prospective outcomes of thousands of patients," explained Dr. Svetlana Kantorovich, Director of Research & Development at Proove. "Through these large studies, we look forward to many more publications in peer-reviewed journals providing continued evidence of the accuracy and positive impact of Proove's precision medicine technology."

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About Proove Biosciences: Proove Biosciences -- the Healthcare Decision Company™ -- is the commercial and educational leader in the research, investigation and development of patent-protected tests that combine genetic and clinical data into reports to help physicians to individualize -- and optimize -- medicine selection and dosing. Supported by leading medical experts and institutions across the globe, the reports facilitate objective decision-making to improve outcomes for patients, providers and insurers. Backed by science and driven by data, Proove is revolutionizing individualized medicine. With a patented bioinformatics platform that delivers therapy-defining information that allows prescribers to evaluate pain tolerance, assess patient drug metabolism, predict response and immunity to opioid and non-opioid pain medication, and identify risk for dependence and addiction, Proove provides the most technologically advanced solutions to enable accurate and evidence-based medical decision-making rather than "trial-and-error" approaches. Proove helps reduce the risk of treatment failure, decrease costs to insurers and relieve society of the emotional and financial burdens associated with addiction and other avoidable consequences. For more information, please visit or call toll free 855-PROOVE-BIO (855-776-6832).

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