Facebook's Almost 2 Billion Active Users Offers SPYR Huge Opportunity to Grow Pocket Starships' User Base

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NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - February 14, 2017) - SPYR, Inc.'s (OTCQB: SPYR) Pocket Starships recently became part of the first group of games available on Facebook's new Gameroom platform. Gameroom is a downloadable Windows desktop gaming platform that allows users to play web, ported mobile and native Gameroom games in a dedicated PC app (www.facebook.com/gameroom). SPYR's flagship game, Pocket Starships, a real-time, cross-platform space-themed MMO game, should benefit greatly from being available in Facebook's Gameroom because of the access it gives to Facebook's large user base.

According to Facebook, its website has about 1.8 billion monthly active users worldwide as of November 2016, and the premiere social network expects to expand its monthly active users to more than 2 billion sometime this year. Gameroom will be available and marketed to that vast user base.

Facebook says 1.18 billion people log onto its website every single day, so it's clear that there are a large number of Facebook users who are active and who consistently visit the website. Facebook also has 1.66 billion active users who access the website on their mobile devices. And, if you think Facebook is slowing down with the addition of all those other social media platforms that continue to pop up, guess again. CNBC reported that at 1.79 billion monthly active users, Facebook has more monthly active users than WhatsApp (500 million), Twitter (284 million) and Instagram (200 million) -- combined. This makes Facebook users a promising audience for any company's marketing efforts.

What this means for SPYR is a huge opportunity to reach lots of eyeballs and a chance for Pocket Starships to grow just as Facebook's Gameroom grows. SPYR can benefit from what should be a lot of free advertising by Facebook to drive its users to download the Gameroom platform. SPYR itself can also create sponsored advertising on Facebook directing Facebook's users to find and play Pocket Starships on the platform. Gamers will also receive game suggestions based on the games that they play, so SPYR could benefit from having users who play games that are similar to Pocket Starships receiving a recommendation for the game in their personalized recommendation list.

On the other hand, what this means for gamers is that the Gameroom platform links to users' Facebook accounts, which will allow for the integration of Facebook's social features with the games that users play without the distraction of being in Facebook's "news feed."

The fact that Facebook's Gameroom is a separate app means that players can save time by creating desktop shortcuts to their favorite games rather than clicking through the website. Gameroom will offer players the convenience of accessing the games they already play on the social media site and also allow them to browse menus of other games.

Mike Turner, SPYR's Vice President of Strategic Partnerships states: "The inclusion of Pocket Starships, as one of the early games offered in the new Facebook Gameroom, gives the title exposure to hardcore PC gamers, which is an extremely desirable audience for us. Quality users of Pocket Starships play on all types of devices and this is a great platform for users to play with their Facebook friends no matter what device they are on."

Because Pocket Starships is one of the only true cross-platform, real time games of its kind on the market, it offers gamers on both PC and Mobile devices the opportunity to play against other gamers simultaneously. With this in mind, Turner added that players can play Pocket Starships on their mobile devices while on the move or they can sit down at their PC for a longer session, so he says, "Facebook Gameroom is an invaluable marketing platform for Pocket Starships."

Pocket Starships is available to gamers on a wide range of platforms and devices, including iOS, Android, tablets, PCs, Macs, Kindles, Amazon and Facebook. So, having Facebook advertise its Gameroom platform and even SPYR sponsoring advertisements on Facebook, gamers on all devices should grow familiar with Pocket Starships.

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