University of Advancing Technology (UAT) Continues Support of STEM Initiative, As Host of CodeDay Phoenix for 2nd Consecutive Year

UAT's Tech-Infused Campus Welcomes Young Programmers for a 24-Hour Development Competition, Two Years Running

TEMPE, AZ--(Marketwired - February 17, 2017) - For the second consecutive year, University of Advancing Technology (UAT) co-sponsors and hosts CodeDay Phoenix, the largest 24-hour youth coding challenge in the state, on UAT's Tempe technology-infused campus. The event kicks off on Saturday, February 18, at noon, with coders competing continuously for 24 hours and closes with an awards ceremony led by a panel of judges at noon on Sunday, February 19, 2017.

CodeDay Phoenix empowers over 110 students ages 8-16, putting the focus on engaging young adults in underserved populations and areas with limited technical resources. UAT is proud to co-sponsor alongside State Farm and provide mentors to the next wave of young advancing computer science majors and game programmers, hoping to further the STEM initiative locally with Arizona adolescents, making our state a technology hub for the future.

As an educational institution offering degrees in Computer Science and Game Programming, UAT is aware of the lacking number of students enrolled in STEM-related degrees and supports community outreach events like CodeDay Phoenix and is honored to host the event.

Previously, UAT sponsored the 2015 Great Arizona Code Challenge, where UAT awarded scholarships to the winners. Over the years, UAT has created and maintains longstanding relationships with a pipeline of future technologists from the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT), and promotes the need for a greater focus on STEM education nationwide. By hosting the largest CodeDay in the state of Arizona, UAT aims to increase the chances for the younger generation to spark an interest in technology.

UAT Provost Dr. David Bolman said, "It is absolutely incredible that teens and pre-teens can come together, team up and spend 24 continuous hours from start to finish creating a new and complete game, mobile app or website. It is equally incredible that so many teachers and developers volunteer to spend a day and night mentoring these future technologists. The Arizona community is counting on these teens to choose to study STEM in college and then go on to spend their lives creating and supporting the information tools that drive our economy and allow us as people to routinely do things we could only imagine. Events like CodeDay Phoenix are among the best way to prepare us and them for what the next few years has coming."

UAT President Jason Pistillo couldn't agree more, as he said, "In addition to our work with code camps like this, we are very active in Arizona's K-12 community, partnering with districts and charters to help them with their curricular and hardware needs. We remain vigilant in our efforts to mentor youth in STEM areas such as robotics, computer science and cyber security -- allowing students access to our on-campus Cyber Warfare Range -- the first in Arizona. The delta between national demand for programming students and the number of potential graduates is both alarming and something we at UAT take very seriously. We are pleased that so many other local colleges have begun to address this need, many of whom have adopted UAT programs and curriculum."

About CodeDay Phoenix: CodeDay fills the gap between in-school programs, which explain how to code, and the eternal question of students: why do I need to know this? Students start out CodeDay by pitching ideas for projects, and then spend the next 24-hour coding the most interesting ideas in small groups. Throughout the event, students get help from our staff in the form of workshops and during-event mentorship. CodeDay is a national program supported by Student RND.

About University of Advancing Technology (UAT): University of Advancing Technology is a family-owned, private technology University focused on educating students in advancing technology who desire to innovate for our future. Our technology-infused, urban campus is a technology nexus; a collection of technophiles, tech geeks and mavens of the digital world that evolve into top technology executives, master programmers, cyber warriors, forensic sleuths, robotic engineers, interactive filmmakers, and game innovators for entertainment and government animation applications.

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