Live Video and Streaming Drives .Live Domain to Become Rightside’s Largest TLD by Registration Volume

Everyday creators to celebrities, CEOs, athletes, entrepreneurs and brands embrace .LIVE to connect authentically with their audience with a simple domain name

Kirkland, Washington, UNITED STATES

KIRKLAND, Wash., Feb. 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rightside Group, Ltd. (NASDAQ:NAME) announced today that .LIVE has surpassed .NEWS as its largest TLD by registration volume. As millions of people embrace live streaming across Periscope, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Stream, Twitch and more, Rightside’s .LIVE now ranks number one within the company’s portfolio for registration volume, including premium domains  with over 2,400 .LIVE premiums sold to date.

.LIVE Overtaking .News in the Rightside TLD Portfolio
In just over a year, .LIVE has become Rightside’s fastest growing TLD to date, surpassing .NEWS, which is used by popular brands like Apple, Google, Seattle Times, and others to showcase their news offerings with branded and descriptive .NEWS domain names. For example, Apple.News is widely used within Apple’s popular iOS mobile news application when sharing a link, Google shows how news topics trend on a regional basis at and the Seattle Times uses SeattleTimes.News and ST.NEWS for branded domains to communicate with readers across any channel.

With an estimated 10 billion viewers turning into live YouTube shows each month,  Facebook Live attracting 1.71 billion active users, and Twitch receiving 100 million unique monthly viewers, Rightside believes the .LIVE domain is poised for continued growth.* Not only have popular live streamers like Joel Comm, Brian Fanzo, Alex Pettitt, Ryan Bell, Ross Brand and more embraced .LIVE to amplify their live efforts and attract audiences, many celebrities, creators, and entrepreneurs have a .LIVE domain like CBS.LIVE, AdamLevine.Live, RokerMedia.Live, NitroWorldGames.Live, Stream.Live, Cabelas.LIVE, and more. In addition, investors in the domain industry are also betting on .LIVE in ways similar to the .COM days, with over $1mm invested in platinum and premium .LIVE domains to date.

“Live streaming is here to stay whether you have something to say or something to sell. But if fans can’t find you, your live content strategy is dead in the water. The new .LIVE domain name offers live streamers, businesses and brands memorable, platform-agnostic calls to action in a way that is brandable and repeatable,” said Joel Comm, a New York Times best-selling author and leading live video expert. Comm, a 30-year broadcast veteran, is a .LIVE brand ambassador and works closely with Rightside to help build a community around .LIVE as a lasting domain in the live streaming market. Comm uses Joel.Live as his own branded domain.

Rightside will be highlighting the news at the Summit.Live conference in Los Angeles, where the company is exhibiting as a sponsor and speaking about investing in emerging markets, protecting social reach and personal branding by creating a domain infrastructure to keep continuous traffic. The popular annual event for live streamers embraced the .LIVE domain last year when it changed its name from Periscope Community Summit to simply Summit.Live.

“Popular live streaming events like presidential elections, the Olympics, and a Chewbacca mask wearing mom turned 2016 into the year that live streaming transformed how we consume media,” said Rightside CEO Taryn Naidu. “We couldn’t be more excited about the future possibilities of live streaming and our opportunity to help live streamers, whether big or small, create a powerful domain that’s easy to share, discover and brand in a highly memorable way.”

Rightside’s Top 10 new gTLDs by registration volume are as follows:

  1. .LIVE
  2. .NEWS
  3. .ROCKS
  4. .PUB
  5. .NINJA
  6. .STUDIO
  8. .SOCIAL
  9. .VIDEO
  10. .REVIEWS

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*Infographic: Market for Live Streaming Takes Off

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