Lightower Launches Robust Optical Encryption Service

FIPS-compliant, line-speed encryption service at Layer-1 for the ultimate in data security and ease of management

BOXBOROUGH, MA--(Marketwired - Feb 22, 2017) - Lightower Fiber Networks, the premier provider of all-fiber, high-performance networking solutions delivered over its own network, announced the availability of a new optical encryption service that offers physical layer, protocol agnostic encryption delivered as a service, which dramatically simplifies customer management. The new encryption service runs at line-speed in bandwidths from 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps, offers Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) certification, and is available immediately. 

Lightower's managed encryption service operates at Layer 1, the physical layer, and eliminates the need to purchase, deploy, and completely manage separate encryption devices. Customers retain full control of security keys, while Lightower manages the underlying equipment and network operations. The service is protocol agnostic, supporting all packet and frames sizes, and all data types, including Ethernet, Fiber Channel, OTN, SONET, and SDH. Encrypting at Layer 1 maximizes throughput by eliminating encryption headers, which can increase bandwidth usage by up to 50%. Lightower's service also virtually eliminates the latency impact of encryption on the end user.

In addition to FIPS-compliant AES-256 encryption, Lightower's service supports a long list of security certifications and features, including two X.509 certificate security systems working in combination, Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) algorithms, and seamless integration with Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs). For a complete list of security and technical specifications, please visit the Lightower web site.

"With the ongoing proliferation of data breaches across all industries and governments, encryption of in-flight data should be a cornerstone of any organization's security strategy, especially when utilizing cloud services with sensitive data," explained Doug Dalissandro, Chief Revenue Officer, Lightower. "A recent Ponemon study found that 47% of corporate respondents said their organization experienced a material security breach that involved an attack on their network or corporate systems. Lightower's solution offers industry-leading security and network performance, while at the same time reducing capital costs and reducing on-going operational costs."

Lightower's optical encryption service is based on Ciena's breakthrough WaveLogic Encryption solution. The Ciena technology is based on years of experience and research in coherent optics and transport-layer encryption. Ciena's encryption solution delivers full line-rate encryption-decryption, for all protocols, at all frame or packet sizes, with minimal latency impact. 

"The significant consequences of data breaches require organizations of all shapes and sizes to take a closer look at how they protect their data," said Jason Phipps, General Manager and Vice President, North America, Ciena. "Encrypting at the optical layer helps operators to ensure all in-flight data is safe-guarded and gives end users the added confidence that their data is secure."

As organizations continue to defend their networks against malicious attacks, the adoption of optical encryption defends all in-flight data from end-point to end-point. All industries can benefit from optical encryption, especially those with regulated security measures in health care, finance, retail, government, and public companies. 

Lightower Optical Encryption is available now for Wavelength and Managed Private Optical Network customers with services from 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps. To learn more about Optical Encryption and Lightower Fiber Networks, please visit or call 1.888.LT.FIBER. Follow Lightower on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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