Institutional Investor Debuts All-Europe Equity Trading Team Ranking

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Feb 28, 2017) - On January 3, 2018, trade execution and research become fully unbundled in Europe under MiFID II. The change will give investors an unprecedented degree of transparency into the true cost of trading versus research.

"For the sell side, with execution and advisory services soon to unbundle as part of MiFID II, trade execution teams need to sharpen their message to the buy side on why they differ from the pack," states Howard Tang, Institutional Investor Research's Product Director. "Best execution of course is important, but the services and service levels provided by the sell side to asset managers are an increasingly important element of trade partner selection."

In this dynamic market Institutional Investor, the trusted brand for rankings, has launched its Global Trade Execution rankings, beginning this year with Europe and eventually covering the U.S., Asian, and Latin American markets.

In Europe, Institutional Investor collected nearly 9,600 votes and connected with 330 heads of trading and traders and 280 buy-side firms. Voters were some of the largest funds and commission payers on the buy side, with almost 30 percent of voters managing on average over $5 billion in assets and over a quarter of the respondents paying from $5 million to more than $30 million in commissions to the Street.

The Europe trade execution ranking reveals the best high-touch, electronic, and portfolio trading providers along with the firms providing the best unique market color to the buy side. Institutional Investor highlights the top teams in an article in its "Masters" section, launched today, February 28.

Trade execution providers will have the opportunity to purchase the in-depth data for 29 attributes across high-touch, electronic, and portfolio trading, and unique market color -- a vital tool for seeing how they fared against their peers and helping them understand their performance across various funds, geographies, and wallet sizes.

The extended data also includes hundreds of responses on key market trends, tackling such issues as how investors will pay for research in a post-MiFID II world and the acceptance of a single point of contact at the trading desk. 

Rounding out this year's top European High-Touch Trading Leaders:

1. Bank of America Merrill Lynch
2. Morgan Stanley
3. Citi

European Electronic Trading Leaders:

1. J.P. Morgan
2. Credit Suisse
3. UBS

European Portfolio Trading Leaders:

1. UBS
2. Credit Suisse
3. J.P. Morgan

The new ranking was officially launched online today at and can be viewed here.

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