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Martinsville, NJ, March 02, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When it comes to review sites, there’s dozens to choose from but is making its mark by doing something different from the competition. Yes, the site provides great quality product recommendations, but it also does more – it provides consumers with options. 

Ask yourself - what does it mean to YOU for a product to be the best? 

At TopProducts we understand that the definition of “best product” is different for everyone.  For Joe it may be the very best that money can buy, but for Mary it’s a more affordable product with good features.  We approach our Top 5 Picks with this in mind. The end result – a short list of 5 of the best brands, and a great mixture of products to fit every budget,” says Anne Balke, Content Project Manager at

To accomplish this, before selecting specific products to review, researchers spend time looking for brands with excellent reputations and whenever possible, who have a broad range of quality products within a given category. Readers are given company background information, helping to provide trust in the brand.

Once 5 great brands are chosen, the site reviews one outstanding product within each brand’s line up, providing users with a quick overview of pros, cons and specs as well as a more detailed feature description. 

But they don’t stop there.

Reviews include information about different sizes, colors and styles, so shoppers are aware of other available options. The site then goes a step further – providing shoppers with quick information about other products made by the brand in case the featured one doesn’t match their needs. goal is to be a One Stop Product Review Site that users come back to, saving them time and money. Plans are in the works to add videos, buying guides and a blog – which will make the site even more powerful.


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Located in Martinsville, NJ, is a leading digital review site dedicated to helping customers find the highest quality reviews online. TopProducts leverages innovative methodology and expert research to reach consumers, helping them with their purchasing decisions. To learn more, visit

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