PENTAX Medical Launches the SCOPEPILOT True 3D Endoscope Navigation System in Canada

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, March 03, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PENTAX Medical, an industry leader in endoscopy imaging devices, has introduced SCOPEPILOT to the Canadian market and is showcasing this new technology at the Canadian Digestive Disease Week (CDDW) annual meeting. The SCOPEPILOT Navigation Control Unit provides true, real-time 3D representation of an endoscope’s position when inside a patient’s bowel tract.

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Located at Booth #1009 during CDDW, in Banff, AB, March 3-5th, visitors can experience how SCOPEPILOT provides clinicians with a highly responsive 3D positional image that delivers a real-time representation of a colonoscope’s orientation for highly accurate insertion tracking and effective colonic loop management. This new technology helps support quality standards in colonoscopy and training, to facilitate smooth and efficient colonoscope navigation for increased patient comfort.

The SCOPEPILOT system provides advanced orientation features to ensure the highest quality standards in colonoscopy and training. These include image rotation on both horizontal and vertical axis to improve differentiation of the insertion tube, as well as zoom functionality for improved evaluation and detection of looping.

A true 3D image is generated by the endoscope’s integrated multi-dimensional sensors which are induced by a magnetic field generated outside of the patient. These sensors transmit to a control unit where data is processed and displayed in real-time during a procedure, enabling dynamic tracking and handling control of the endoscope. The SCOPEPILOT image responds coherently with the movement of the scope providing smooth and stable image quality. 

The colour and contrast of the image provides a high depth of view to assist the physician visualize colonic loop configuration. The SCOPEPILOT sensors are integrated into the colonoscope, thus keeping the scope’s working channel free for advanced therapeutic procedures.  The system can be activated via the operation panel or remote control when needed at any time during a procedure. Pictures can be taken at the touch of a button and downloaded to a storage device via the USB port in the front panel.

Dr. Lawrence Hookey, Associate Professor, Queen's University Division of Gastroenterology, Kingston, ON, observed, “Endoscopists at all levels of practice will appreciate the way the 3D navigation provided by SCOPEPILOT helps improve their navigation of the colon. The daily use of this device will enhance one’s ability to recognize issues in challenging cases and become a pro-active rather than reactive endoscopist. This is a great example of how technological innovation serves clinical practice in a way that maximizes value for clinicians and patients.”

David Harrison, General Manager of PENTAX Canada Inc, commented, “We are thrilled to introduce SCOPEPILOT, a technology that is designed to assist endoscopists with colon navigation while also integrating seamlessly with our latest HD colonoscope and video processor platform. PENTAX Medical is again demonstrating its continuous commitment to providing solutions that support Quality in Endoscopy.”

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