One Step Vending Corp. Adds 18 Micro Market Locations in Six Weeks with Continued Accelerated Growth Expected

San Diego, CA, March 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- One Step Vending, Corp. (KOSK) , a holdings company specializing in market disruptive acquisitions with an emphasis in the self-serve vending market, today announced they have completed 18 micro market location installations over the last six weeks, with accelerated growth expected to continue as the company shifts focus to national expansion.

The micro market model is more viable than ever, as the costs have dropped to about $1,200 per location, and they are able to serve anywhere from 50-300 users profitably, whereas there used to be a minimum required user count of 300 to reach profitability in a location. Today’s consumers are looking for a variety of options, cost effectiveness, and instant gratification. Micro markets are able to meet all three of those criteria better than existing solutions, such as supermarkets and vending machines. They are the pinnacle of convenience, but they offer a wide array of dining options at an affordable price; micro market shoppers no longer have to choose between convenient and affordable variety.

Micro markets are a natural replacement for traditional vending machines, as they offer a wider variety of food options, including fresh and healthy foods, which are hard to find in a vending machine selection.

“We are ecstatic to be getting out in the field, inking new deals, and installing new micro market locations,” said CEO Daniel Garfinkel, “Each location presents us with tremendous revenue potential, so we’re expecting to see our cash flows grow over the course of 2017.”

As the company’s revenue increases, it will continue to reinvest capital in installing new locations and focusing on a national branding campaign to start reaching corporate customers from coast to coast.

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CRS-Micro Markets, Inc. provides a wide range of food and beverage solutions focusing on the use of self-checkout Micro Market technology. CRS has supplied more than 150,000 units to customers in the last twelve months, representing a 230% growth in sales volume.

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