NXP Accelerates Development for Industrial, Automotive and Professional AVB Networking Solutions with AVnu Audio Video Bridging Certification

Company has achieved AVnu Certification for its Audio Video Bridging (AVB) Stack Software that Supports and Extends the Capabilities of NXP’s i.MX 6 and i.MX 8 Applications Processors


NUREMBERG, Germany, March 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (Embedded World 2017) – NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ:NXPI) has achieved AVnu certification for its Audio Video Bridging (AVB) stack software, helping customers dramatically accelerate time-to-market for industrial, automotive and professional AVB networking products. NXP’s AVB stack provides synchronization and deterministic latency between devices for applications requiring audio, video, and other real-time content over Ethernet.  Providing a complete set of AVB protocols that enable transport and synch services to multimedia applications, the company’s certified software helps customers develop enhanced AVB applications for pro-audio equipment, in-vehicle infotainment, and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology.

AVnu certification fosters an interoperable networking ecosystem and simplifies network synchronization for engineers through AVB and time-synchronized networking (TSN) standards.  The certification is aimed at solving major technical and performance issues, including precise timing and real-time synchronization; bandwidth reservation; and traffic shaping, while also minimizing deployment, maintenance and total cost of ownership.   

“The increasing number, and complexity of in-vehicle systems is one of the many drivers for AVnu certification to ensure that all parts of an audio-video-bridge system will work together; however, very few companies are capable of executing a certified AVB solution that addresses this interoperability challenge,” said Jean-Christophe Bodet senior director of software and services with NXP. “NXP’s AVnu certification delivers on our vision to streamline product development and speed time-to-market for AVB applications, while enabling customers to reduce system cost by leveraging our AVB software and the next generation of network complexity in the future.”

NXP’s AVB stack includes features such as time-synchronized, low-latency streaming services and bandwidth reservation that makes it possible to carry audio and video signals on a standard Ethernet line. This solves the synchronization challenges between audio and video streaming when video must be displayed on multiple monitors and audio must be harmoniously synchronized across multiple speakers at the same time. The AVnu-certified software provides a complete set of AVB protocols for use on NXP’s i.MX 6 and i.MX 8 applications processors, as well as several other NXP development boards, to reduce the need for hardware changes and eliminating redevelopment costs. It also enables future distributed systems, including NXP’s audio tuners and amplifiers.

In addition to redundant clock master and data traffic capabilities for extreme reliability, key features of NXP’s AVB stack software include precise timing to support low-jitter media clocks, independent traffic classes that enable optimization of network resources, and bounded latency for assurance of timely packet deliveries. The company also provides API to support audio and video applications with the AVB stack.

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