SolarWinds MSP Counts Down to World Backup Day 2017

IT Service Management Technology Leader Highlights Importance of Business Continuity, Security and Recovery Time with a Countdown to #WorldBackupDay

Durham, North Carolina, UNITED STATES

DURHAM, N.C., March 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SolarWinds MSP, a global leader in delivering comprehensive, scalable IT service management solutions to IT solution providers and MSPs, is counting down to World Backup Day with a series of real-world reminders and practical advice columns for IT service professionals worldwide.

Celebrated annually, World Backup Day is March 31. The independent initiative seeks to raise awareness about the importance of backups and data preservation, with the goal of sparking a unified call to action for businesses and consumers worldwide to back up their data.

For MSPs, an essential first step in building a successful data recovery plan for customers is helping them recognize the need for data protection. You can’t recover what you didn’t back up: this is the undeniable truth about disaster recovery and business continuity. Every business, no matter the size, needs a documented backup and recovery plan supported by a managed data protection solution-as-a-service that’s ready for the unintentional, inevitable, and unexpected. Best practices for delivering and consuming secure data protection include:

Saving time and increasing profit by:

  • Reducing travel time to customer sites with a fully-featured remote backup solution.
  • Deploying and setting up customer environments more quickly.
  • Recovering data from the fastest location: local storage or cloud locations.

Selling more backup solutions by:

  • Underscoring the importance of backing up critical data.
  • Educating SMBs on the advantages of using hybrid cloud backup: if it’s not off-site, it’s not backed up.
  • Letting customers know how simple and safe it is to add remote offices and workers to help increase backup revenue.

“Data is the driver, and without access to it, the majority of businesses would come to a screeching halt,” explained Chris Groot, vice president, product management, SolarWinds MSP. “Case in point, Google the words ‘data loss impact on businesses’ to read about the real-world business impact data loss has on a company of any given size. The impact of unrecoverable data loss is significant and in many cases, marks a fatal blow to the business, which could have been avoided with the proper technology, processes and talent in place.” 

SolarWinds MSP partner Rodney Molloy of Computer Trouble Shooters offers his testimony stating, “The SolarWinds MSP Backup and Recovery Solution saved my client from complete devastation. They would have lost all of their electronic data if a reliable backup solution had not been implemented. It’s not just backing up your data that is important: it is the ability to easily and in a timely manner recover your damaged or lost data. That is what saves a business.”

SolarWinds MSP has also just launched general availability of its latest version of SolarWinds MSP Backup & Recovery (17.3). This release is designed to improve performance, responsiveness and scalability of the Backup and Recovery infrastructure. Users will now be able to take advantage of enhanced speed and reliability; two key components of an efficient and easy to manage Backup and Recovery solution.

For more information and resources on SolarWinds MSPs worldwide campaign in support of World Backup Day, click here.

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