Aberdeen Group Gives Access to Powerful B2B Account Intelligence Through Browser Plug-in Lead Essential Lite

Lead Essentials Lite connects Chrome users to the account data behind Aberdeen's flagship Lead Essentials platform

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Mar 22, 2017) - Aberdeen Group's flagship Lead Essentials product is the first platform to combine comprehensive account data with content designed to engage prospects. Lead Essentials users can access technology installation data, intent data, firmographic intelligence, best-practices content and more.

Now, users can leverage the data behind Lead Essentials in a new Chrome browser plug-in called Lead Essentials Lite.

"Lead Essentials Lite, is a simple-to-use, free tool that demonstrates the power of Lead Essentials," said Aberdeen CEO Gary Skidmore. "Lead Essentials Lite makes it easy for sales and marketing professionals to find timely intelligence on accounts that matter to them."

Once a user downloads the extension they simply have to navigate to a target company on their browser. The extension then populates with a myriad of valuable data like enterprise site locations, IT budgets, technology installs, vendors and more.

The extension gives users quick and simple access to powerful data. For example, a sales professional can quickly gain insight on an account before a sales call or a marketer at an event can easily access information on a contact before qualifying and routing the lead.

The Chrome plug-in is free for download by anyone in the Chrome Web Store, but users will have to purchase the more powerful Lead Essentials platform to access Aberdeen's full range of advanced data models and extensive library of research-based content. Although, the free extension, says Skidmore, still has plenty of power to make sales and marketing professionals smarter and more productive.

"We designed the plug-in to be a quick and easy reference for users," said Skidmore. "With Lead Essentials Lite, actionable data is only a click away."

Skidmore also indicated that Lead Essentials Lite is just the first in a series of planned free tools. There are also plans to include CRM integration into Lead Essentials Lite.

"At Aberdeen Group, our goal is to provide sales and marketing professionals with the data and content they need to know more, and engage prospects faster," said Skidmore. "Lead Essentials Lite is just the first step."

Lead Essentials Lite is available now, for free, at the Chrome Web Store.

For more information on Lead Essentials visit aberdeenservices.com/lead-essentials.