Preliminary results for Phovia™ in the treatment of Canine Chronic Otitis to be presented at ECVS scientific meeting

DUBLIN, Ireland, March 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Klox Technologies Limited, a subsidiary of Klox Technologies Inc. (‘Klox’) has announced that the European College of Veterinary Surgeons (‘ECVS’) has accepted their poster presentation concerning Phovia™: “KLOX BioPhotonic System, a promising innovative approach to canine Chronic Otitis Externa: preliminary report of a randomized controlled clinical trial.”

Phovia is a first-in-class, proprietary treatment using a topical photo converter in conjunction with a multi-LED light to create hyper-pulsed multi-wavelength fluorescent light. It is based on Klox’s patented BioPhotonic technology platform. This non-invasive, non-thermal treatment is targeted for serious skin and soft tissue disorders for companion animals and horses.

Otitis Externa is one of the most common conditions affecting dogs, which can account for to up 20% of veterinary consultations1. With standard of care (‘SOC’), it can be challenging to manage this condition and in chronic cases, failure of SOC will lead to ablative surgery. The Study compared two different protocols of the Phovia treatment versus current SOC. The results indicated this could be a new therapeutic approach to delay or avoid ablative surgery in canine Chronic Otitis Externa. The results will be presented as a poster presentation at the upcoming ECVS Annual Scientific Meeting, which is to be held July 13-15 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Chronic Otitis Externa is currently one of several indications being investigated by Klox within the skin and soft tissue disorders for companion animals and horses sector, as Dr. Ricardo Garvao, Head of Animal Health at Klox, explains: “In simplistic terms, this technology can ‘kick start’ the animal’s healing mechanisms while controlling bacteria. This makes it a versatile technology with different applications in several fields, as already demonstrated in humans. We are currently investigating Phovia’s potential in other common animal conditions such as pyoderma, periodontitis and wounds.

“Our development of products for animal health has progressed significantly and this is an important milestone for Phovia™. We’re convinced our technology can improve the clinical outcome for animal patients and in cases reduce the reliance on systemic products. We expect to continue bringing exciting news and novel product solutions to the veterinary practitioner."

Klox will be sharing their vision for Animal Health at VetHealth Global™ -  The International Animal Health and Nutrition Business Conference being held, June 12-14, 2017 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. They have been selected as one of the Emerging Companies presenting at the Innovation Spotlight Series.


About Klox Technologies

Klox is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing products based on its proprietary BioPhotonic technology platform to address skin and soft tissue disorders. Klox is advancing its programs as part of its multiple franchises focusing on indications across Dermatology, Wound Care, and Oral Health. For more information please visit

1Saridomichelakis, M, Farmaki, R, Leontides, L, & Koutinas, A 2007, 'Aetiology of canine otitis externa: a retrospective study of 100 cases', Veterinary Dermatology, 18, 5, pp. 341-347 


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