Expands Editorial Team to Handle 2017 Site Growth

With plans to quadruple the number of product reviews, TopProducts looks to hire more editors.

Martinsville, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

Martinsville,NJ, March 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Martinsville, NJ, March 2, 2017 (SOURCE) – With its first anniversary quickly

approaching, has set its sights on providing even more value, and

that starts with dramatically increasing the number and variety of product reviews on the

site such as blender reviews , best electric can opener reviews, best coffee maker reviews,

best cordless phones, best drones and drone reviews and more.

TopProducts is working diligently to add 100’s of new product reviews each month to its

already expansive repertoire on everything from automotive to kitchen to beauty

products– with the goal of having at least four times as many product recommendations

by 2018.

To accomplish this, TopProducts has expanded the team to include several new writers.

The next step is to bring on more editors, increasing the editorial staff this month from a

team of 3 to 10.

TopProducts prides itself in providing reviews that are informative, interesting and well-

written. The research team spends hours gathering information, which is then passed

on to a member of the skilled writing team. Before going live, every review is seen by an

editor. Lastly, a content manager does another run-through on the content.

According to Content Project Manager, Anne Balke, “This may seem like a lot of steps

for a review, but we believe ‘if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.’ There

are many review sites out there with poorly written content that’s nothing more than a

repetition of what you can already find on Amazon. We want to provide our users more

than that. We want to arm them with powerful, useful information that will save them

both time and money.”
While perfection is unobtainable for any website, TopProducts hopes to provide reviews

that are as informative and helpful as possible on top-selling products like blu-ray

players and can openers.

Since its launch, has been succeeding in its mission to simplify users

purchasing decisions. With the addition of 1000’s of new products, shoppers will have a

site that they can bookmark for future use.

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