SDI Media Expands Theatrical Servicing with New Dolby Atmos Suite in Italy

ROME, March 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SDI Media, the world’s leading localisation provider, has announced the opening of its new custom built Dolby Atmos theatrical mixing suite in Rome, Italy, integrating the best audio experience in cinematographic listening.  The addition of the new suite extends SDI Media’s Dolby-certified theatrical service offering to include 12 recording/mixing rooms across Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain. SDI Media can provide content owners full service capabilities for the production of high-quality audio deliverables for local and global distribution of theatrical, home entertainment, OTT/VOD and broadcast content.  

For this custom build, SDI Media partnered with Munro Acoustics, the world-renowned acoustic design consultancy, to design an ultra-modern suite that enhances the full potential of Dolby Atmos and its powerful moving sound technology. The end result is an innovative space where SDI Media can produce Italian or other-language soundtracks, with the fully immersive three-dimensional sound experience enabled by Dolby Atmos, allowing content owners and distributors the ability to offer audiences unmatched clarity, depth and richness of detail.  

The completion of SDI Media’s Dolby Atmos suite continues SDI Media’s commitment to provide the highest industry standard of audio production services for theatrical and broadcast content in Italy and around the globe.  SDI Media is the only company in the sector with owned-and-operated facilities in both Milan and Rome to cover the entire Italian marketplace from theatrical cinematographic to broadcast, with two dubbing suites in Milan, and seven dubbing suites complemented by two, 5.1 TV mixing rooms in Rome.

“With the new mixing suite, we have expanded audio services for advertisers, content creators, and distributors who are looking for capable providers,” said Mauro Torrente, Business Development Manager at SDI Media. “We are proud to support our existing clients and attract new clients with the most advanced audio production capabilities for theatrical, home entertainment and broadcast.”

The overall timeline of this project took two months of planning, 10 weeks of production, and a dedicated team of 18 people, including technicians and designers.  

Daniele Turchetta, Operations Manager of SDI Media Italy, described the attention to detail that went into the construction of the studio, “The underlying technical-scientific planning is what makes this construction unique.  Starting with an empty space, we maximised the size of the suite to produce an acoustic performance that is the epitome of excellence."

In addition, Dario Bonucci, Country Manager of SDI Media Italy, celebrated the suite’s completion, “Thanks to the new Dolby Atmos mixing suite, our sound and synchronization offering is now complete, cementing our technical excellence in this field. This is an exciting opportunity for us as we cater to a rapidly evolving market.”

The Dolby Atmos audio configuration of this suite involved the installation of 40 JBL loudspeakers piloted by 9 Crown digital amplifiers, 2 BSS DAD audio matrices, an Avid S6-M40-56 Fader console, 2 Avid Pro-tools Hdx3 - for a total of 320 channels - equipped with the most important plug-in bundles, an Avid Media Composer, a Sony 4K projector with Atmos DCP server and a Harkness screen with a 6 metre base.

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