Capacity Interactive Puts Data to Work for the Arts with Datorama's Marketing Intelligence Solution

Datorama's Marketing Integration Engine Allows Marketers to Capitalize on Previously Untapped Data Assets to Better Understand Customers

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 29, 2017) - Datorama, a leading marketing intelligence company, today announced it is working together with Capacity Interactive, the premier digital arts marketing consulting firm serving performing and visual arts organizations -- of all sizes -- to address the modern marketing challenges faced by today's non-profit organizations.

A key initiative underway at many of today's leading companies is a focus on better understanding their customers in a more personal way. In its pursuit to help non-profit arts organizations market smarter and build audiences, Capacity Interactive is working with Datorama to leverage the breadth of its Marketing Integration Engine. Datorama's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based platform has played a critical role in Capacity Interactive's ability to capture a more comprehensive view of its clients' customers that existed previously, but had gone untapped due to technological constraints.

Now equipped with Datorama, Capacity Interactive is able to track conversions using demographic and location data from various digital advertising platforms. Previously, the opportunity to capitalize and optimize marketing efforts based on these segments was not realized due to time-consuming, manual processes carried out via Excel spreadsheets. By leveraging a solution that automates complex data preparation and harmonization work necessary for highly accurate analysis, Capacity is able to reallocate the amount of time spent doing manual work to better understand campaign performance across behaviorally-targeted audience segments, and ultimately, deliver even more value for its clients.

"Our prior experience as employees of non-profit organizations in the arts showed us that there was a significant need for a marketing analytics solution that was truly self-service and could elevate customer data trapped within Excel spreadsheets," stated Erik Gensler, founder and president, Capacity Interactive. "Using Datorama, we can discover business insights and produce results that our clients can take straight to their board meetings packaged in compelling visualizations, which are easy for a non-technical audience to understand."

Datorama's end-to-end marketing intelligence platform addresses one of the most significant challenges facing today's data-driven marketers: quickly integrating all of the customer's marketing data from disparate siloes and putting it to work in the hands of the agency. Through the application of machine learning (AI) technology, the Marketing Integration Engine automates the process by which marketers connect all of their online and offline data sources from a company's ever-increasing marketing technology (MarTech) stack. This includes a growing landscape of advertising, marketing, sales and CRM point solutions. Datorama's platform provides an answer for fragmented business users that combines this industry-leading data integration capability with dynamic data modeling, productized campaign management tools, intuitive data visualization, and advanced analytics that powers unified reporting for real-time data analysis and insights. This gives Datorama users the ability and agility to experiment and manage change, two hallmarks of today's data-driven marketing environment.

"It's been a pleasure working with Capacity Interactive to start changing the way the arts and entertainment industry does business," said Datorama's chief marketing officer, Leah Pope. "As all of today's businesses are now fighting for their respective customers' attention across channels and devices to engage them at the right moment, it is more critical than ever that the modern marketer has the best tools to execute. Now, non-profit arts and entertainment organizations can save time and expense with an automated approach to tracking their campaigns, which will also help bring more customers through their doors to fill seats."

Datorama works with more than 2,000 brands, and over 300 agencies, publishers and technology companies. Global customers include Ticketmaster, Foursquare, Yahoo! JAPAN, GoDaddy and many more. In a commissioned study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Datorama, Forrester discovered a Total Economic Impact benefit over $9.8MM for a single enterprise. In addition, Datorama was identified as a 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor in Data-Driven Marketing, in part, due to the Marketing Integration Engine's functionally distinct capability.

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Capacity Interactive is the premier digital marketing consulting firm for culture and the arts. Founded in 2008 by Erik Gensler, Capacity Interactive partners with leading arts and cultural organizations in the U.S and internationally to help them engage audiences, build community and market smarter.
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