Vantage LED To Disrupt Digital Signage Industry Again At ISA Sign Expo 2017

Everyone is watching as California-based LED sign manufacturer, Vantage LED, is set to cause a disrupting stir this week at the ISA Sign Expo in Las Vegas with their extraordinary innovations coupled with a few assured surprises.

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - April 17, 2017) - Vantage LED has been a force to be reckoned with since expanding beyond their OEM roots and exploding onto the mainstream market in 2012. The buzz about what to expect from the company dominates the conversations of industry insiders every year. Vantage LED has confirmed that they intend to exceed expectations again at the upcoming ISA Sign Expo in Las Vegas this week with a host of expanded offerings, products, and services.

Last year, their "We Got Your Back" campaign raised the bar with an extended warranty, free content creation, an android-based control system, payment terms, and the surprise announcement to convert to an ESOP Corporation. Following this up will take some extraordinary effort, something we've gotten used to over the years, but seems to come easy from the Founder and CEO, Chris Ma.

"You have to keep moving and growing to provide the kind of solutions this industry needs," he explained, "It's easy to keep the status quo, but we want more. We want to bring everyone to the next level including our team, our partners, and especially the display owners."

With this in mind, here are some highlights Vantage LED has confirmed for the show this year, but if tradition holds, expect to see even more product announcements that will resonate throughout the show:

More Warranty Benefits
The removal of the dispatch fee for their 7 year onsite service warranty has been confirmed; meaning no out of pocket flat-fee service cost for the end user. This is a significant move, considering some manufacturers tend to use service agreements and warranty service as a means to generate extra revenue.

Vantage LED CIO Kyle Carnes explained, "Simple is always better, and while we weren't making any profit on the small dispatch fee, we still believe that everyone is better served without it. The long term satisfaction this will give our clients will far outweigh any additional short term increase in our costs."

They have also added 7 years of lighting and vandalism coverage in addition to their 7 year parts and on-site labor warranty. The program will ease the burden for clients by covering their insurance deductible for any lighting or vandalism occurrences up to $5000 each. This type of protection is virtually unheard of in the industry and may cause others to step up and follow their lead.

7 Years of Professional Content Creation
Vantage LED's existing one year of professional content creation for all displays is already above and beyond the norm, yet they have announced that clients have the opportunity to increase it to a full 7 years. This is a game changer in a field where manufacturers are still struggling to offer basic custom content creation services, if at all.

With quality message content being one of the most important aspects of digital signage today, it's surprising how little attention it is given by manufacturers, especially in the outdoor markets. This upgrade stands to increase Vantage LED's reputation as a champion of comprehensive solutions.

Billboard and Scoreboard Market Expansion
Vantage LED has seen significant expansion into the digital billboard and scoreboard markets. They are expected to showcase this growth and partnerships they've developed over the years. The scoreboard market is evolving, and virtual scoreboards are becoming much more affordable. Vantage LED is proving that the market is ripe and open for innovation. This supports the reports that consumers are moving away from the traditional big players for scoreboards and billboards, and over to organizations not afraid to push the limits and provide a much better experience.

$1000 Full Color Demo
According to the recent ad in Sign Builder magazine and what we've seen in previous ads, the $1000 full color LED display demo program is also being offered at the trade show. These types of programs have been extremely popular with Vantage LED's partners and dealers, empowering them to demonstrate the quality of the product directly to their potential customers.

ISO9001 Certification
Vantage LED is expected to promote their recent ISO9001 certification supporting their continued growth and practice of quality management standards. This certification aims to enhance customer satisfaction and is only given to those organizations who can demonstrate the "...ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements…" through a standardized system.

"We always have. We always will," says Paul Martin, Marketing Director at Vantage LED, "Whether it's delivering amazing new solutions, supporting our partners, or delivering on our promises...we got your back!"

The "We Got Your Back" campaign has been a successful approach for Vantage LED in the past, and they plan to continue this message at the ISA Sign Expo and moving forward, according to Martin, "...because it's true. We're ALL involved in this success, and promoting this truth, is by far our most effective marketing tool."

Look for Vantage LED, Booth# 742, at the ISA Sign Expo, April 20-22, in Las Vegas, NV at the Mandalay Convention Center.

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We always have. We always will. We're ALL involved in this success Everyone is watching as California-based LED sign manufacturer, Vantage LED, is set to cause a disrupting stir this week as the ISA Sign Expo in Las Vegas, with their extraordinary innovations coupled with a few assured surprises.