Top Echelon Releases State of the Recruiting Industry Report


CANTON, Ohio, April 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Top Echelon, LLC published a 2016-2017 State of the Recruiting Industry report. The company surveyed its base of recruiting customers to look at industry challenges from 2016. It also looks at possible solutions for 2017 and the future.

Recruiters can access this report on Top Echelon’s website.

“We wanted to put together a report that really shows how the recruiting industry is doing and what recruiters struggle with,” says Mark Demaree, President of Top Echelon, LLC. “It’s interesting to see how the industry is changing and what recruiters think. There’s always something surprising.”

The state of the industry report reflects on 2016 to see what recruiting firms look like, which industries are currently hot, what recruiters find most challenging, what clients complain about, and more.

The report looks at possible solutions for sourcing candidates, advertising jobs, and marketing services. It also gives insights into recruiters’ perspectives on the future, including business priorities, the possibility of a nearing recession, and the Trump presidency.

Recruiters can use the information in this report to compare their recruiting business. Recruiters can also see what industry changes are coming and what they need to prepare for.

Top Echelon, LLC, located in Canton, Ohio, helps recruiters make more placements. Top Echelon offers recruiting software, a recruiting network for split placements, and a back-office contract staffing solution. For more information about Top Echelon, visit or call 888-627-3678. Top Echelon is a subsidiary of Patriot Software Company.



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