Clinical Ink Extends eCOA and Risk-Based Monitoring Capabilities

Latest SureSource(R) Release Expands eSource Functionality and Platform Interoperability

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwired - April 21, 2017) - Clinical Ink, the pioneering provider of eSource and patient engagement technologies for clinical trials, introduces the latest in a series of planned releases aimed at simplifying workflows and extending capabilities in data management, interoperability, and clinical data exchange. This current release of SureSource® simplifies how sites capture eCOA data, adds new monitoring capabilities, and helps standardize how SureSource integrates and exchanges data with other systems.

The latest SureSource release makes it easier to capture and track both eCOA and ePRO data in one solution by enabling sites and patients to easily navigate within the system. The new release also improves monitor workflow by adding configurable review types and user groups so that the most important tasks can be targeted and get the attention first. Standardized APIs now make it even easier to support integrations with eConsent and IWR solutions to access information directly from within SureSource. These integrations ease the technology burden on sites by eliminating multiple system logins, reducing process steps, and improving protocol execution.

"This latest release builds on our long-standing commitment to make the clinical trial experience easier for patients, sites, and sponsors," said Clinical Ink CEO, Ed Seguine. "Sites want to focus on patients -- but the commonplace technologies in use today complicate their daily activities. Eliminating separate eCOA systems and incorporating eConsent and IWR interactions directly into the eSource forms simplifies the site and patient experience during the patient visit."

The ability to exchange study data with other software systems during study set up, operations, analysis and submissions is just one of many ways Clinical Ink is improving the interoperability between SureSource and other systems. This latest release expands our support of data standards as well as adding unique eSource-specific data export capabilities such as audio files and source documents.

"Our customers continue to see the added value eSource provides for collecting clinical study data and we are seeing the demand to provide seamless integrations and the need to support more and more complex studies," said Jonathan Andrus, COO, Clinical Ink. "This release will further streamline operational efficiencies for both sponsor and sites so they can maximize the value of eSource."

This release is one of a series of releases focused on making it easier for our customers to integrate our platform with other systems, better view and leverage data, and continue to improve the overall SureSource experience.

Since its commercial launch in 2012, Clinical Ink has emerged as an innovation leader with its eSource and patient engagement platform. The SureSource platform eliminates the need for separate EDC, eCOA, and ePRO applications while reducing the cost, complexity, and time associated with data management and monitoring activities. SureSource collects documents and data from sites and patients in real time, providing sponsors with timely, data-based insights into protocol execution, data quality, trial surveillance, and GCP compliance that are impossible with legacy EDC/eCOA/ePRO systems and current practices.

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Founded in 2007, Clinical Ink® is transforming clinical development with innovative technologies that make clinical research easier for sites, sponsors and patients. Clinical Ink's SureSource® comprehensive platform directly captures eSource data and documents and improves patient engagement by focusing on the critical moments that matter when executing the protocol. Clinical Ink maintains offices in Cambridge, MA, Winston-Salem, NC, and Philadelphia, PA. Find more at

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