Digital Marketing Agency Owner Jay Feitlinger Releases New Book, "Family 2.0"

Step-by-Step Guide Helps Entrepreneurs use Business Principles to Improve Family Relationships in Four Days

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - April 25, 2017) - Jay Feitlinger, founder & CEO of StringCan Interactive, digital marketing agency for multi-location businesses, today announces the release of his first book, "Family 2.0." For years, he and his company have been advising business owners and marketers how to strategically connect with their ideal audiences online and significantly grow their companies. As a husband and father to two young girls, Feitlinger realized that strengthening and growing one's own family (especially for entrepreneurs) could be viewed in much the same way.

"So profound and powerful, I cried openly in an airport when I read this book," says Jay Baer, best-selling author and president of Convince & Convert. "I desperately wish Jay wrote this years ago when my own kids were younger. An absolute must-read for every 'busy' parent."

"Family 2.0" leads entrepreneurs and business leaders through an approach that helps them connect better with their families and grow their relationships at home. Business owners often face common challenges when it comes to prioritizing their families and struggling to relate to their loved ones. Through personal experience, research and speaking with countless entrepreneurs, Feitlinger developed a four-day retreat that families can use to encourage asking smart questions, listening intently and being agile when interacting with unique personalities and communication styles. "Family 2.0" presents an enjoyable, step-by-step guide to following this retreat on your own, and is the preeminent resource for entrepreneurs looking to apply the same intentionality used in business to the relationships that matter most.

"I noticed a theme whenever I was among other entrepreneurs," says Feitlinger. "Our conversations were almost always related to our businesses, and many of us were quick to talk about our successes as well as our shortcomings. But when the conversation shifted to our families or other valued relationships outside of work, admissions of success or failure were not as forthcoming. The more I brought this topic up to my peers, the more it became clear that many of us felt very equipped in the business world, but worried our most important relationships may be floundering.

"I began connecting the dots between business retreats and the deliberate work I've done with my own employees and peers over the years to foster communication, heal wounds and set goals. And I thought, 'Why can't I apply this same intentionality and process to my family relationships?' The answer was that I could, and once I did, my family began thriving. This book is a way for me to help other business executives and entrepreneurs have as much success -- or more -- in their home lives as they do at work. You shouldn't have to sacrifice the happiness of those you love in order to compete in business. And now I'm showing people how to make this shift and reboot their families."

While the book was written for entrepreneurs, its content is applicable to all individuals who are career-minded and seeking a way to improve their family relationships. Even families that are already strong can benefit from the reflection, establishment of mutual (and individual) goals and fun activities that "Family 2.0" invites you to work through together.

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