Emtrain Delivers Real Time, Custom Workforce Education with New Micro-Learning Video Solution

Fast, flexible video lessons draw on real world events and scenarios to mimic instant, social-media fueled workplace environments

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 25, 2017) - Emtrain, a leader in online compliance training solutions, today introduced a new microlearning video solution, 3 Minute Video Lesson, that enables companies to deliver instant, crowd sourced video scenes reflecting real world current events. The new Emtrain microlearning video lessons can be created and shared with your workforce within three (3) minutes to ensure your compliance message is timely and relevant. 

"Modern workplaces operate in real-time, and workforce education and compliance programs that seek to influence behaviors and drive true change must do the same," said Emtrain CEO and workplace training expert Janine Yancey. "This new capability empowers HR professionals and business teams to deliver contemporary video-based lessons, reflecting current events, within three minutes."

Emtrain's microlearning video lessons are customizable, concise messages that effectively grab learners attention and deliver a meaningful message. Employees can view videos and complete associated lessons in less than three minutes anywhere, anytime. Video scenarios are crowd sourced from actual workplace events and Emtrain's community of employers to ensure lessons remain current and relevant to modern workplace challenges.

Each Emtrain microlearning video message includes a workplace scene with a prepared lesson. Employers can create new lessons in real time by accessing Emtrain's catalogue of scenarios. Embedded tools enable trainers to edit lessons on the fly. All videos are designed for viewing across multiple platforms, and include Emtrain's reporting capabilities.

The new microlearning video message solution is part of Emtrain's workplace training platform. It leverages social media functionality, data sharing with and among users, real-time feedback and interactivity, and continuous programming to create a true community learning experience.

Additional platform features include:

  • Real time interactive polling and results for rich P2P engagement;
  • Anonymous sharing of workplace conflicts by colleagues to build a collaborative, experience-based learning environment;
  • Curated coursework and answers from subject matter experts in response to learner questions;
  • Actionable data and business analytics embedded within courses to identify and track areas of workplace improvement; and
  • A continuous training program driven by reporting and responsive lessons to trigger ongoing cycle of peer engagement

Contact info@emtrain.com to learn more about the Emtrain learning platform and its new microlearning video message solution, 3 Minute Video Lesson.

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Emtrain creates healthier organizations through online compliance training solutions and analytics. The Company partners with leading industry experts on HR and compliance topics including, managing unconscious bias, preventing sexual harassment, code of conduct, anti-bribery, and a library of workplace ethics topics to influence behavior and create a high performing work culture. Emtrain's enterprise learning platform delivers interactive courses and programs, microlearning, social media inspired tools, and analytics. Its client implementation and support teams consistently earn five star reviews.

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