Leonovus Enlists Canadian VAR ZoneTI to Empower Enterprise Cloud Data Governance

This partnership comes alongside the release of Leonovus 3.0 software-defined object storage

OTTAWA, April 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leonovus (TSXV:LTV), a data storage solutions software provider, today announced its strategic partnership with Montreal-based value added reseller (VAR) ZoneTI, to further elevate its software-defined object storage solution (SDOSS). ZoneTI will leverage Leonovus 3.0, the latest release of Leonovus’ SDOSS, to its global network of enterprise storage and cloud customers as the go-to solution for improving enterprise storage ROI and regulatory compliance.

Together, Leonovus and ZoneTI will give Canadian enterprises access to an on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud storage solution that puts control back in the hands of the IT department and allows for a truly secure and compliant enterprise software defined storage architecture.

“Leonovus and ZoneTI share a common goal - empower enterprise IT to move and manage data either on-premises or in the cloud without risking security or compliance,” said Michael Gaffney, chairman and CEO of Leonovus. “With ZoneTI’s ten years of IT experience, we are able to positively impact even more enterprise customers with the unique and powerful software defined storage technology found in Leonovus 3.0.”

Leonovus 3.0 enables enterprise IT to commission and operate a private, software-defined plane of security and governance across its entire data storage architecture. This capability is managed through Leonovus’ Enterprise Services Node (ESN) and offers a secure storage architecture that strengthens regulatory compliance while reducing IT spend on data storage. ZoneTI will be the first VAR able to offer Leonovus 3.0 to its enterprise customers.

“As more enterprises look to move their data to the cloud, organizations struggle to effectively grow revenues without spending significant time worrying about the IT department. Leonovus’ SDOSS solution improves enterprise cloud ROI ten-fold - which is a motivating factor for enterprises that once overlooked the benefits of the cloud,” said Michel Théroux, president of ZoneTI. “We are pleased and honored to be Leonovus’ first Canadian partner and offer Leonovus 3.0 as a powerful and secure way to reduce capital and operational expenses.”

About Leonovus:
Leonovus is a cloud solutions software provider that offers the leading software-defined object storage solution (SDOSS) and governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) solution for the modern enterprise. Designed with the IT manager in mind, Leonovus’ patented algorithms virtualize, transform, slice and disperse data across a network of on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud storage nodes – allowing for the most secure yet internally accessible form of object-based data storage that provides GRC across the entire solution. The advanced geo-distributed architecture minimizes latency, optimizes geo-availability, reduces remote backup costs and meets data sovereignty requirements. With its software and hardware agnostic design, Leonovus provides Petabyte scalability and allows the enterprise to utilize its existing idle storage resources, extend the useable lifespan of depreciated resources and improve the enterprise’s overall ROI. To learn more, please visit www.leonovus.com.

About ZoneTI:

ZoneTI, a Canadian company, is providing services in the management and operation of their clients' IT infrastructures for more than 10 years. ZoneTI has expertise in optimizing data center operations and setting up new technological environments (networks, servers) based on the latest research and innovations. The used technologies allow an increase in processing power, a significant reduction in the IT infrastructures capital, operating costs and the ultimate security high technology by global company data center integrated data encryption : on-premises, in colocation or over the cloud. ZoneTI clientele is made up of companies / organizations of all sizes, coming from different economic sectors: Manufacturing, services, banking / finance / insurance, public and parapublic organizations and not-for-profit organizations. The ZoneTI approach aims to enable their customers to use technologies without constraint as a vector of efficiency for the growth of their business and requiring them to be experts in the field. To learn more, please visit www.zoneti.ca.


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