New Acquisitions has Ground-Breaking 2016 – Excited for Growth Ahead

Atlanta, April 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New Acquisitions, a promotional-advertising and marketing firm in the Buckhead-Atlanta area, is proud to announce that they have been selected as one of the “Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in 2016” by the NABR Best and Brightest program. Not only has the organization been named “Best and Brightest” in the Atlanta area, but they have also been awarded for being one of the “Best and Brightest” companies to work for in the nation as well.

Upon being asked of the nomination, National Director Zachary Schuch immediately credited his management team. “It’s an honor to be nominated for the ‘Best and Brightest’ award, but I have to give the honor to our managers who work so hard to make sure we’re successful for our clients. Without their hard work and willingness to teach others, we wouldn’t have grown as much as we did in 2016.”

New Acquisitions had another ground-breaking year with expansions to Richmond and Fredericksburg, VA; Denver, CO; Greenville, SC; and Chicago, IL. Since opening, all offices have flourished and have since expanded themselves to other territories in the South and North-Eastern regions.

While raising the bar in the marketing industry, New Acquisitions has also included themselves in the Atlanta community by becoming involved with multiple charities. In 2016 alone, Directors Zachary Schuch and Adam Gerald, donated to over 7 local and national charities. One of the most memorable charity events the New Acquisitions team attended was the For a Day Foundation’s silent auction held in April. Gerald credited this affair as the charitable event that sparked the team’s passion for philanthropy.

“We participated in the silent auction. Some won and some lost, but it really opened our eyes to how much we can really contribute to the Atlanta community,” said Gerald, “Since then we’ve made it a point to stay involved in the community with many types of charities from Meals on Wheels to FurKids of Georgia.”

“It’s become a part of our company culture that we hope to see evolve and grow within our organization,” added Schuch.

With the addition of a new company tradition, came some new additions to the team at New Acquisitions as well. Morgan Wright, Human Resources Coordinator, joined the team in late January and has since helped with the branding development of the company and their affiliates. Wright recently celebrated her first-year anniversary with New Acquisitions and, according to her, has had a year full of growth, both professionally and personally.
“I couldn’t have been luckier to be on the job search when I was,” states Wright. “I was coming from a business where I felt like I wasn’t being heard as a teammate and it’s the complete opposite case here. From day one, Zach and Adam have always appreciated my feedback and I feel like that’s what makes us a great team, we always listen to each other’s ideas.”

Laura Grigoryan, who joined New Acquisitions in May of 2016, has also proved to be an asset to the Human Resources Department. Helping with the development of one of New Acquisitions’ home design and renovation clients, she has helped coordinate production for the client nationwide which has contributed to the program’s growth. “It’s fulfilling work that I’m passionate about,” Grigoryan said about her responsibilities, “I thrive within a fast-paced work environment, so I welcome the challenges this position brings on a regular basis!”

The end of the year brought a change for New Acquisitions’ newest addition to the administrative side, Makaela Nunnally, who switched from the organizations’ Marketing Department to the Human Resources and Administration team. When asked what brought on the change, Nunnally stated that the cross-training offered within the two departments gave her the idea to try something new. “I’ve always been involved in sales and marketing, I’ve never tried something like this before, but I’m really enjoying being the first face that clients and customers see when they walk in the door. I get to set the tone for their entire visit,” said Nunnally on what she enjoys about her new position.

As the new year continues, Schuch is excited for what’s to come next and his personal goal is to double the organization’s expansions from 2016 in the 2017 year. With new Assistant Directors, Jacob Towner and Weston Read, being promoted within the first month of the year, that goal might be reached sooner than Schuch anticipates. “We have a few other team members that we’re looking at to step up for other upper level management positions as well.” explained Schuch.

One event, in particular, that the team is excited for in 2017 is the annual Corporate Get-a-Way, notorious for being held in exotic vacation destinations such as Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Cancun. According to New Acquisitions’ Office Manager and Human Resources Manager, Amber Abrams, this year’s trip will be the best one yet.

“We’ve already began to coordinate and get plans under way for our Corporate Get-a-Way in 2017,” said Abrams, “We’ve decided to host the event in the Dominican Republic this year and we’re super excited to bring some of our top managers along!”

There’s no denying that the New Acquisitions team has had an incredible 2016. With their trip to look forward to and fresh faces on the leadership core, the team is excited for the growth and production that 2017 will bring.

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