Teneobio’s Next Generation T Cell Redirection Antibody Platform for Cancer Biotherapeutics Offers Prospects of Reducing Cytokine Release

Newark, California, UNITED STATES

MENLO PARK, Calif., May 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Teneobio, Inc, a next-generation antibody therapeutics company, announced today at the Protein Engineering Summit (PEGS) in Boston the discovery of a large panel of human anti-CD3 binders with diverse affinities and tune-able T-cell activation. The antibodies were generated using TeneoSeek, a proprietary antibody discovery engine comprising genetically engineered animals, next-generation sequencing and high throughput vector assembly technologies. Selected anti-CD3 antibodies from this platform can be incorporated in bi- or multi-specific antibodies for targeted tumor cell killing, with significantly reduced pro-inflammatory cytokine release. Such T-cell engaging cancer therapeutics are the next wave of promising biologics, rivaling CAR-T cell therapy for efficacy, with the added benefit of off-the-shelf dosing and straightforward manufacturability.   

“Bispecifics made from our anti-CD3 leads are differentiated from others in the clinic in that we can decouple T-cell mediated killing from cytokine release.  We believe that our newly discovered anti-CD3 leads have the potential to retain tumor cytotoxicity while reducing the incidence of cytokine release syndrome, providing a greater therapeutic window,” said Chief Scientific Officer Wim van Schooten. 

Combination of Teneobio’s anti-CD3 antibodies with other fixed light chain or heavy chain antibodies enables a “plug-and-play” approach to tailor the next generation of bi- and multi-specific antibodies for T-cell redirection on a target-specific basis, with reduced toxicity compared to conventional CD3 engaging bispecifics. Teneobio expects to begin clinical development of its first multi-specific T-cell engager against multiple myeloma in 2018.

Teneobio will partner their anti-CD3 platform through licensing on a non-exclusive and product-by-product basis.

About Teneobio, Inc.

Teneobio, Inc. is a biotechnology company developing a new class of biologics, Human Heavy Chain Antibodies (UniAbs™), for the treatments of cancer, autoimmunity, and infectious diseases. Teneobio's discovery platform, TeneoSeek, comprises genetically engineered animals (UniRat® and OmniFlic®), next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics and high-throughput vector assembly technologies. TeneoSeek rapidly identifies large numbers of unique binding molecules specific for therapeutic targets of interest. Versatile antibody variable domains (UniDabs™) derived from UniAbs™ can be assembled into multi-specific and multi-valent therapeutic proteins, surpassing limitations of conventional antibody therapeutics. Teneobio’s “plug-and-play” T cell engaging platform includes a diverse set of anti-CD3 antibodies for therapeutics with optimal efficacy and reduced toxicity.

For more information, contact Omid Vafa at ovafa@teneobio.com or visit www.teneobio.com