Equities First (London) Limited -- UK Transaction Update and 15th Anniversary Statistics for Parent Company

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - May 2, 2017) - Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH), a global provider of shareholder financing, confirms it has returned all shares used as collateral as part of a loan agreement with Joel Leonoff, chief executive of Paysafe plc as announced by the company on 24 March, 2017 (Details Here). Mr. Leonoff entered into the loan in March 2014 and has repaid his loan in full.

Since establishing its London office in 2013, EFH has carried out more than [£45MN] of shareholder loans to Professional Investors. The Paysafe plc transaction is the second public repatriation of shares -- following a full repayment by Andrew Newland, CEO of Angle plc on 27 October, 2016 (Details Here). There are currently a portfolio of publicly announced or privately transacted UK loan agreements on the EFH books and discussions continue with other potential clients in the UK and throughout Europe.

"We are very pleased with the progress made by our London office, which is spearheading our commitment of US$100m of further investment for lending to the European Professional market in general," said EFH founder and CEO, Al Christy, Jr.

Meanwhile, EFH -- which is based in the USA -- has announced in the month of its 15th anniversary that it has successfully completed more than 700 transactions since its inception and delivered in excess of US$1 billion to clients in the past four years alone.

EFH continues global expansion -- with 9 offices in the USA, Europe, the Far East and Australia -- thanks to an investment model that takes advantage of natural, organic cycles in the market.

"Securities-based lending is a long-standing financial tool used by companies, governments, and individuals every day," said Christy. "But very few financial institutions, including large commercial banks, can offer non-recourse features or loans with a low cost of funds. We have a successful track record because we live and breathe equities-based lending every day."

Equities First (London) Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom, register number 605564.

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