Whitsons Culinary Group Receives Perfect Success Rate in School Nutrition Administrative Review

Islandia, New York, May 02, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Whitsons Culinary Group, a provider of food services to private and public schools, corporate dining, and healthcare throughout the Northeast, today announced perfect scores in the USDA State Agency Administrative Review, a rule that was updated by the USDA in July 2016 as a way to unify the monitoring of federally funded school meal programs.  Whitsons is pleased to announce that they have had a 100% success rate with State Administrative Reviews this school year.

“Whitson’s is committed to staying on top of the complex and ever-evolving USDA Child Nutrition Programs, inclusive of the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program, and helping our clients understand and implement them,” said Katherine Barfuss, RD, CDN, and Director of Nutrition Services at Whitsons Culinary Group. “The vast number of training programs and resources we offer help school districts, not only comply, but excel with program requirements.  We operate foodservice programs with the utmost integrity and serve both nutritious and delicious meals to students. We are proud that our latest Whitsons Account Administrative Reviews’ continue to prove our success with the State agencies process.”

The Administrative Reviews (AR) process monitors and measures Whitson’s performance in numerous areas including: meal access and reimbursement, nutritional quality and meal pattern, resource management, school wellness, smart snacks and several other markers. 

Whitson’s holds training programs throughout the school year that help school districts run a successful foodservice program, as well as prepare for their Administrative Reviews.  Training programs include: allergen management, menu development, production record maintenance, professional development, and HACCP/food safety training. The company also provides user guide turn-key template documents that help track the Administrative Reviews process such as: AR checklist, state specific AR flowcharts, frequently asked AR questions & common errors and Federal and State competitive food guidelines.  Districts interested in assistance with the USDA State Agency Administrative Review, may contact the Whitsons Nutrition Department at barfussk@whitsons.com.

About Whitsons Culinary Group

Whitsons Culinary Group provides a wide range of highly customized dining services to public schools, with a strong focus on nutritious, high quality meals made from wholesome, fresh ingredients. Whitsons has a long and proud history of excellence and growth since 1979 and is setting new standards for the foodservice industry with wholesome foods and family values.  

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