Sound Royalties Client Kevin Lyttle Signs Major Deal with Sony-Ultra

Sound Royalties is excited to share the news that client Kevin Lyttle has signed a major new deal with Sony partner Ultra Music that will include the release of his next four projects. The soca artist has seen a string of successes since working with Sound Royalties last year.

West Palm Beach, Florida, UNITED STATES

West Palm Beach, FL, May 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sound Royalties, a specialty financing firm tailored to the music community, congratulates its client soca artist Kevin Lyttle and his label Tarakon Records for their new deal with Sony partner Ultra Music. The partnership will incorporate the release of four of Lyttle’s upcoming projects, including his latest single “Slow Motion,” released in January 2017.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Kevin Lyttle and his team at Tarakon Records, and we are thrilled to see them sign this exciting deal Sony-Ultra,” said Sound Royalties Founder and CEO Alex Heiche. “Helping hard-working artists and other music professionals take their career to the next level is why we do what we do at Sound Royalties, so its been incredibly rewarding to be able to help out Kevin and witness his subsequent achievements.”

Last year, a partnership with Sound Royalties enabled Lyttle and wife Jacqueline to build a dedicated studio for their label Tarakon Records. A string of successes, including No. 1 hits and this latest partnership, have followed for Lyttle and his label’s growing roster of artists.

In addition to the Lyttles, dozens of other artists, songwriters and producers have found Sound Royalties’ fresh new funding strategies and non-credit based financing to be transformative for their careers. Instead of worrying about how they will fund their future projects or stay afloat between royalty checks, music professionals working with Sound Royalties can focus on their craft, and all without compromising the rights to their intellectual property.

About Sound Royalties

Founded by CEO Alex Heiche, Sound Royalties, LLC is a privately owned and funded one-stop source that helps music industry professionals get upfront cash based on future earnings potential while allowing the music professionals to retain the rights to their music and royalties. The company’s core business is offering noncredit-based advances and funding of anywhere from $5,000 to $10 million without having to deal with banks or traditional lenders, while preserving all rights to the artist’s music. To date, Sound Royalties, LLC has worked with a wide range of leading music industry professionals, including Grammy Award winners, platinum recording artists and notable music industry executives in every genre.


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