Navitas Ventures Launches the Global EdTech Census at 2017 ASU+GSV Summit to Map the Global Education Innovation and Technology Landscape

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - May 10, 2017) - Last night, during a reception at the ASU+GSV Summit, Navitas Ventures announced the launch of the Global Edtech Census, an open-data, multi-lingual initiative to comprehensively map the global education innovation and technology landscape.

"The Summit is the most important assembly of leading innovators across education," notes Patrick Brothers, CEO of Navitas Ventures. "It was important to us to launch the census at the center of this universe, to ensure we build a critical mass of excitement and energy around this initiative."

The census -- with an ambitious goal of identifying over 30,000 education companies from around the world -- will be used to map the emerging landscape, track the evolution and performance of the global ecosystem and better inform founders, investors, schools, institutions and governments on ways to more effectively foster innovation.

"Education technology is on pace to reach a quarter of a trillion dollars investment in the next five years - the space is enormous and can be difficult to navigate," says Deborah Quazzo, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at GSV Acceleration. "This open-source data will not only be essential for the larger community, but also for GSV as we continue to identify up-and-coming entrepreneurs and discover bold ideas around the globe."

Mapping the global edtech landscape calls for participation from the whole edtech community. The census will launch in thirteen languages, with the goal to translate to additional languages as needed to ensure it is as comprehensive and inclusive as possible: English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, Hebrew, Hindi, Punjabi, Russian and Bengali. Entrepreneurs are invited to contribute to the census by visiting

About Navitas Ventures: Navitas Ventures elevates the ideas, people, and businesses that will advance innovation in education globally to meet the needs of students in a rapidly changing world. As the venturing arm of Navitas Limited, Navitas Ventures is backed by 20+ years of experience crafting an approach that prioritizes student outcomes and quality.

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