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In addition to in-house staff, TopProducts utilizes remote workers to bring shoppers a state-of-the-art product review website.

Martinsville, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

Martinsville, NJ, May 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Using cutting edge technology and communication systems, as well as the services of remote workers from across the globe, TopProducts has put together an incredible team of designers, researchers, writers, and more. The end result – a review website packed with thousands of reviews that help shoppers save time and money. 

TopProducts understands there are many financial, time-saving and productivity benefits to outsourcing. 

Our goal is to provide valuable content and information for site users. We made the decision to bring together the best and brightest individuals who could help become one of the most informative review sites on the internet, no matter their location” says Anne Balke, Content Project Manager.

Using remote workers not only creates jobs and a quality website, but it also helps TopProducts make a significant difference in the lives of talented individuals worldwide.

From work-at-home parents, to college students, to experienced technical staff, all workers are paid based upon experience and performance - regardless of location.

According to Mahenia Theuri, a writer from Nairobi:

Working with TopProducts has been an absolute pleasure. When I came across the company's job posting, there was something special I found in this statement from their company description:

‘We use the same pay structure for all freelancers, no matter where they live. We pay based upon quality, not location. We use an on the job training approach because this is a long term position.’

This is exactly what every freelancer looks for. After working with TopProducts for 6 months, I can confidently say they are not like any other client I have worked with before."

So far the remote staff includes talented people from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Jamaica, Columbia, Romania, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Serbia and Australia. And to think, they accomplish all of this without having to pack! But if you are traveling, they certainly have reviews for the best luggage.

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Located in Martinsville, NJ, is a leading digital review site dedicated to helping customers find the highest quality reviews online. TopProducts leverages innovative methodology and expert research to reach consumers, helping them with their purchasing decisions. To learn more, visit


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