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OPPI Announces Second Reading of Bill to Regulate Planners

TORONTO, May 11, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) is pleased to announce that Second Reading will be given today for the Registered Professional Planners Act, 2017, by MPP Peter Milczyn. OPPI President-Elect, Jason Ferrigan, and MPP Milczyn will speak about the Bill at a press conference this morning prior to Second Reading in the legislature. The Bill received First Reading on April 12th, 2017.  

The planning landscape has changed dramatically and become much more complex since 1994, when the Ontario Professional Planners Institute Act was passed. This private legislation was the first in Canada to protect the title “Registered Professional Planner/RPP,” however, many other provinces have since passed public legislation regarding the regulation of the planning profession that goes well beyond the OPPI Act. Where we were once at the forefront, we are now quite behind.

Planning in Ontario has far-reaching implications for our communities and should have more current legislation that better protects the public. The timing of this proposed legislation is particularly important given that OPPI members are instrumental in implementing the upcoming changes to Provincial planning legislation. The Bill, if passed, will raise further awareness about the importance of planning and the role of the planning profession in creating and fostering healthy communities — putting the public interest first. 

“The Registered Professional Planners Act, 2017, proposes to safeguard consumer protection in the public interest by defining who a Registered Professional Planner is in Ontario. Having legislation that enhances how the planning profession operates assures members of the public, the private sector and decision makers that they are receiving evidence and advice from accredited professionals. If passed, this Bill will result in greater public confidence in the planning profession at a time where Ontario is developing major policy changes in land use planning, housing, and making significant investments in public infrastructure.”

Peter Milczyn, MPP, Etobicoke-Lakeshore

“For more than twenty years, Registered Professional Planners (RPPs) in Ontario have operated under our current legislation. We hope this new Bill will better protect the public and those who use planning services by articulating the role and value of professional planners in the planning process. Great plans need great planners.”

Jason Ferrigan, RPP, OPPI President-Elect

Following today’s Reading, the Bill may move directly to Third Reading or be examined by a Standing or Select Committee. OPPI’s 4,500 members in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors look forward to the Bill moving through the legislative process and being enacted.

About the Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI)
OPPI is the recognized voice of the Province’s planning profession. Our almost 4,500 members work in government, private practice, universities, and not-for-profit agencies in the fields of urban and rural development, urban design, environmental planning, transportation, health, social services, heritage conservation, housing, and economic development. Our Members meet strict practice requirements and are accountable to OPPI and the public to practice ethically and to abide by a Professional Code of Practice. Only Full Members are authorized by the Ontario Professional Planners Institute Act, 1994, to use the title “Registered Professional Planner” (or “RPP”).

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