Synaptic Digital Launches New SMT Content Extension Offering

Broadcast PR Services Company Flexes its Social and Digital Muscle with New SMT Integrations

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 15, 2017) - Synaptic Digital is taking a fresh approach to SMTs. In addition to one day of media interviews, the PR services company using the SMT production day as a platform to capture content for multiple, longer, social media campaigns.

According to a new survey from Pew Research Center Nearly two-thirds of American adults - 62%- get news from a social media site.

"With all the ways people are getting their news and sharing content, there is a true opportunity to better leverage the time you have with a spokesperson at your tour to develop additional media campaigns that will live across multiple channels," says Jason Rockman, Managing Director at Synaptic Digital (a Definition 6 company).

In today's 24-hour news cycle it's important to have your message appear frequently and to the right audiences. Investing time during your SMT to capture content that can be reimagined into Facebook videos, Pinterest posts, Instagram stories, YouTube Serialized Shorts and Twitter tips, allows you to extend your SMT message and deliver it to new audiences. The more digital channels that tell your story, the more data can be captured to show direct attribution back to organizational KPIs.

"As a company that sends out more than 3,000 pieces of social content a month, we understand how to create the most relevant content for each social channel and audience. A video that works for TV is not the same as one that will resonate on Facebook or Instagram. Synaptic Digital delivers on the complexities and nuances of creating social content that is engaging to the viewer while extending your brands authentic voice." says Jason Rockman, Managing Director at Synaptic Digital (a Definition 6 company).

Dan Schwartzberg, SVP of product development explains how it works:

"We first discuss the target audience and existing social strategy with the client's PR team. From there, we suggest a blend of social and digital channels and strategies. At the SMT, we capture the elements necessary to create the assets."

Through tagging, Synaptic Digital is able to quantify the performance of the content and track the customer journey.

"Our proven approach to digital strategy, will help you demonstrate cost efficiencies, and true performance of your SMT campaigns" concludes Rockman.

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For over 25 years, Synaptic Digital has excelled at media relations, media distribution, and all forms of broadcast and digital communications. As part of Definition 6, we are a unique force of cross-disciplined talents pioneering new forms of strategy and storytelling in the form of digital, broadcast, experiential, social, entertainment and technology solutions. Throughout company history, Definition 6 has created over $15 billion in revenue for its customers, including The Coca-Cola Company, HBO, Siemens, La Quinta Inns & Suites, GM and Nickelodeon.

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