Top Google Expert William Harvey Joins WhereverTV

Fort Myers, Florida, UNITED STATES

FORT MYERS, Fla., May 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WhereverTV Broadcasting Corp. (OTC:TVTV), which delivers Over The Top (OTT) subscription television services to a variety of devices including smartphones, TabletPCs, streaming media players, computers and connected TVs announced today that it has hired recognized qualified Google Partner  & Google Webmaster TC (Top Contributor) William Harvey and his UK firm RichWeb Media to re-engineer and program the https://Wherever.TV website for technical search optimization, increased traffic, traffic conversion, administration ease and improved customer-friendly experience. The completion and launch is anticipated imminently. Mr. Harvey will also be involved in digital marketing efforts including planning, social media marketing, email marketing, auto-responders, affiliate marketing campaigns and more. Additionally, Mr. Harvey will also provide oversite to the developers of the WhereverTV Latino (WTVL) website which targets the delivery of Spanish-speaking channels to Mexico and other Latin American countries on an a la carte basis.

“I am quite excited about this project,” said Mr. William Harvey. “My team and I have played instrumental roles in assisting tech startups grow into large corporate entities across the globe for over 15 years. We focus on facilitating growth through highly targeted marketing campaigns, actionable data analytics, brand awareness creation by improving conversions and increasing revenues. Because of our 15 years’ experience, we believe, along with the WhereverTV team, have created an intricate digital marketing plan that will greatly enhance the promotion of the WhereverTV brand and products they offer. I believe there’s a clear opening in the market to stamp WhereverTV as one of the leading OTT service providers through its highly scalable technology, ease to quickly adapt and capitalize on market changes, through its quality low cost TV channels.”

William Harvey is a leading digital marketer, certified Google Partner and a Google Webmaster TC (Top Contributor). He has 15 years’ experience programming, developing marketing channels, actionable analytics, technical SEO and ecommerce conversion. He has worked with many technology companies, online retail companies, financial institutions and startup companies with substantial growth accomplishments. As a Partner, Mr. Harvey has numerous certifications including: Google Analytics, Mobile Sites, AdWords Search, AdWords Mobile, AdWords Video, AdWords Display, AdWords Shopping. As a TC, Mr. Harvey assists with Web Design, E-commerce, SEO, SEM, Account Management, Account Optimization, Coaching Digital Marketing, and Troubleshooting.

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About WhereverTV Broadcasting Corporation (Symbol: TVTV)

Founded in 2007, WhereverTV is the next generation subscription television service providing consumers with live-streaming, genre-specific, and in-language viewing choices from around the world, delivered to anywhere in the world, and through any internet enabled device. Programming is identical to existing broadcast and distribution providers with the only differences being that the broadcast signals are accessed through the internet via an over the top (OTT) platform, and channel management is handled by company’s patented Interactive Program Guide (IPG) technology. WhereverTV provides an economically beneficial and completely versatile alternative to traditional cable and satellite services, with the added benefits of personalization and portability. Also known as Internet TV, WhereverTV delivers these same channels, shows and events to SmartTVs and digital media receivers including: GoogleTV, AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV,  iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Droid Smartphone, and TabletPCs. The WhereverTV platform enables subscribers to access licensed and free-to-air content across these devices with the IPG across unlimited geographies, and wherever there is internet connectivity. The customer viewing experiences are based on customer location (geo-targeting) and content-rights management (subscriptions). Current in-language subscription offerings include Arabic TV, French TV, Italian TV, and Moroccan TV. Current genre specific subscriptions include NEWS channels, faith based channels and more.  Apps are presently available for free in App Stores for iOS (Apple), Android and Amazon Fire TV devices. DVR functionality to record your shows and view later is presently in the works. Licensed US TV content subscriptions will be available in 2017. Please visit:, for more info.

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