Novaseek Research is Named Top 10 Clinical Data Management Solution Provider

Cambridge, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Novaseek Research Inc., a health IT for life sciences company, today announced that it was awarded the Top 10 Clinical Data Management Solution Provider 2017 award by Pharma Tech Outlook. The award recognizes 10 companies at the forefront of providing clinical data management solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and impacting the marketplace.

“Novaseek Research stands out for its solution, the Clinical Data Network for Research (CDNR) platform, that is at the forefront of tackling challenges and is among the leading companies that are real trailblazers in creating benchmarks to be followed,” said Max Wilson, editorial team, Pharma Tech Outlook.

Novaseek Research was selected for the Top 10 Clinical Data Management Solution Provider Award by a panel of experts and members of Pharma Tech Outlook's editorial board.

“We are honored to be recognized as a cutting-edge clinical data management solution provider by Pharma Tech Outlook,” said Dr. Kate Torchilin, CEO, Novaseek Research. “Through our CDNR platform, Novaseek is seeking to leverage the power of real world clinical data to facilitate getting better medicines to patients faster.”

CDNR is an award-winning, cloud-based platform that transforms the way healthcare organizations and consented patients share biospecimens and clinical data with the research community.  Researchers access CDNR via an intuitive user interface that gives them the ability to define patient cohorts and request biospecimens using population analytics and detailed criteria such as demographics, diagnoses, co-morbidities, lab values, medications and treatment histories. 

The CDNR makes it possible for Novaseek and its hospital partners to serve complex requests, such as, for example, biospecimens and data collected before and after specific cancer treatments, without the need to burden patients with extra blood draws or complex medical questionnaires. This streamlined approach accelerates research and allows more hospitals and patients to participate in supporting biomedical research.

Novaseek was featured in the May 2017 edition of Pharma Tech Outlook. Click here for access to the print article and here for access to the online version.

About CDNR

Novaseek’s award-winning novel cloud platform, the Clinical Data Network for Research (CDNR), easily interfaces with hospital data sources in real time and enables researchers to define patient cohorts through population analytics and to access consented biospecimens and clinical data to advance translational medicine, clinical development and observational studies.

About Novaseek

Novaseek Research, Inc. is a game-changing health IT for life sciences company that provides turn-key, dynamic access to real world clinical data and biospecimens from a network of healthcare organizations. We envision a world where a clear understanding of real-world patients is central to every stage of life sciences research and drug development. For more information, please visit


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