Education Action Day and National Smart Balloon Practices Campaign to be launched May 30 at California State Capitol

Trenton, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

Editor’s note: The Balloon Council will release a statement of support for proposed bill AB1091 sponsored by Assemblyman Bill Quirk, who is expected to make an appearance with Faraday at 11:30 a.m.

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 30, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Encouraging the public to use and handle balloons properly is the focus of the first Balloon Council Education Action Day on Tuesday, May 30 from 10:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. on the grounds of the Capitol (Area 22) in Sacramento, California.

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The event will kick-off the “Meet Faraday” Smart Balloon Practices public education campaign, sponsored by The Balloon Council, a national organization of responsible retailers, distributors, and manufacturers of balloons.

Faraday, a life-sized costumed mascot, will be introduced as the organization’s SpokesBalloon—accompanied by local legislators and California retailers representing balloon and party stores to promote Smart Balloon Practices. Faraday will take photographs with visitors, share Smart Balloon tips, and give out heart-shaped balloon weights to emphasize the importance of weighting balloons.

During the Education Event, members of The Balloon Council will formally offer their support for proposed bill AB1091(Quirk) which would clarify the current California law making it clear that willfully releasing foil balloons would be a ticket-able infraction.

“The Balloon Council is supporting this bill because it really places the responsibility on adults who willfully or deliberately release foil balloons into the air, which may get tangled in power lines or become litter,” said Jim Plutt of The Balloon Council.

“If people follow our Smart Balloon Practices, they may be able to avoid a ticket,” said Plutt.  “Our campaign emphasizes the proper use and disposal of balloons, and promotes the fact that foil balloons should not be released, and should be secured to a weight to avoid accidental release.”

This event is the first stop in a multi-state educational tour focused on teaching the wonders of balloons and the proper handling of them. The Smart Balloon Practices “Meet Faraday” campaign focuses on providing simple steps to help mitigate issues that threaten to impact the use and enjoyment of balloons in California and across the country.

Faraday’s Five Smart Tips for Balloon Use:

1. “Please secure me with a weight.”

2. “When I’m made of foil, don’t let me fly away into the air.”

3. “I love kids. Young children with balloons should always be monitored.”

4.  “If I’m deflated or popped, properly discard me.”

5.  “Helium can give you a funny voice, but should not be inhaled."

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