The Launch of Bill Bishop Academy

Irving, Texas , June 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bill Bishop, Director of Operations for several local Dallas businesses, including Metroplex Management Group, and a multi-faceted, veteran entrepreneur, announces the launch of the Bill Bishop Academy on May 25th, 2017.

The Bill Bishop Academy is an online, open forum database designed to help small businesses create community ties and provide resources and educational material for small business owners.

The first of the Academy’s two-part goal is to offer a streamlined site for business owners in Dallas and across the country to connect with their communities.

Bill explains, “As entrepreneurs, we have a higher civic responsibility to assists our neighbors. We owe the success of our businesses, new and old, to our community.  Investing in the future of our cities is the ultimate way to give thanks and ensure we are a part of the positive change happening across the nation.”

The second, and most revolutionary goal of Bill Bishop Academy is a virtual ‘public library’. The idea behind the public library derived from Bill’s personal passion to assist entrepreneurs in reaching their life long goals of running a successful and profitable business.

The open forum style library will be stocked with information regarding successful business management, motivational meeting topics, outlines, workshop tutorials and so much more.

“Our public library,” explains Bill, “Aims to help business owners in any, and all industries. From business and sales, to marketing and restaurant management, we have created a one-stop-shop for owners and managers to brainstorm, take information that may be of use to them, and leave information that may be useful for another entrepreneur.”

As the Academy pushes their vision for national unity, they ask anyone that finds useful information listed in the library, to leave a workshop tutorial, business management tip, or an office-meeting outline on the site to ensure educational material is accumulated and remains versatile.

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