Tone's New OMC-FLASH 4.8.0 Delivers Expanded User and JES Spool Management Capabilities

OMC-FLASH 4.8.0 Provides Enhanced Copy Command History, Expanded Job Details for JES2 / JES3, Enhanced Abilities to Select by Output Characteristics in JES3, and More for JES Spool Management

ANAHEIM, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 6, 2017) - Tone Software Corporation, a global provider of comprehensive management and productivity solutions for IBM z/OS mainframe environments, announced general availability of OMC-FLASH release 4.8.0, their comprehensive JES2 and JES3 Spool Viewing and Management solution widely deployed in z/OS Mainframe data centers around the world. OMC-FLASH is a high-performance solution to manage JES spool operations across both JES2 and JES3, providing systems programmers, application programmers, and ISPF users with an efficient and effective method of viewing and controlling jobs, output, devices, resources, and workflows in z/OS installations.

Focused on increasing user productivity and efficiency, the enhanced 4.8.0 release delivers many new user-requested capabilities and enhancements, including a new copy command history display, expanded job details in the Dataset Index panel, and the ability to select jobs and datasets by output characteristics in JES3.

New Copy History Display Speeds User Processing Activities

The new OMC-FLASH 4.8.0 Copy History facility now enables users to bring in information from a previous copy request to be re-used for subsequent copy operations. The Copy History panel displays the specifications recently used, enabling users to easily select and recall the desired specifications and quickly apply them to the current request. Two new commands now invoke the Copy History panel on demand: the COPYHIST primary command, and the 'C H' line command, enabling users to immediately access the new Copy History display at any time. Additionally, in the Copy specifications panel, the commands FLSRTRV and HISTORY can be used to retrieve previous copy specifications.

New OMC-FLASH 4.8.0 JES3 Output Display

OMC-FLASH 4.8.0 now provides a new JES3 Job Output facility to easily select, display, and modify output elements for jobs. The facility allows users to set criteria to select jobs containing matching output attributes, including CLASS, DEST, FORM, Writer Name, FCB, or UCS. The Output Display panel then presents the matching output datasets, enabling users to immediately select the desired output for viewing and subsequent processing. The JES3 Job Output Display can be invoked by typing OUTPUT on the command line, and job output is selected using the active criteria or the criteria specified on the Job Selection Panel.

Expanded Dataset Index Panel

New OMC-FLASH 4.8.0 provides an expanded Data Set Index panel that now displays additional job information, including status, starting time and ending times. In addition, the expanded Data Set Index panel line count field now displays up to 10 digit values.

JES3 Initiator Enhancements to Speed Resource Management

New OMC-FLASH 4.8.0 now provides enhanced JES3 Initiator capabilities, including new Initiator class fields SDepth and TDepth. In addition, users can overtype the Job Service class, SDepth and TDepth fields directly on the display to quickly and easily change Initiator parameters and efficiently manage JES3 resources.

Available Immediately and Easy to Install

The OMC-FLASH 4.8.0 GA release is available immediately for licensed users, and is easily installed through an enhanced installation routine that expedites release upgrades. OMC-FLASH 4.8.0 supports all z/OS releases through 2.2, and is fully SMP/E compatible. 

"The new OMC-FLASH 4.8.0 release enhancements are a direct response to requests from our valued OMC-FLASH users," stated Shirley Balarezo, president of Tone Software. "Through the new features, OMC-FLASH users have the optimum solution to increase productivity with the Copy History display, JES3 Output display, and numerous additional capabilities to manage the JES2 and JES3 environment," she added.

To request more information on OMC-FLASH 4.8.0 for your installation, visit: New OMC-FLASH 4.8.0

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