Segment Unveils Cross-Domain Analytics, Now Brands Can Understand Customer Activity Across Their Digital Properties, Without Exposing User Data to Third Parties

In an Industry First, Segment Enables Businesses to Understand Attribution, Coordinate Content, and Integrate Brand Data Easily, While Respecting Consumer Privacy

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - June 06, 2017) - Segment, the customer data platform, today introduced Cross-Domain Analytics, a new feature that enables brands to unify user data across all of their domains without using third-party data aggregators. Now, businesses can connect their data across all of their websites and mobile apps to create better customer experiences while also prioritizing consumer privacy.

Previously, businesses had to rely on third-party cookies and data aggregators to understand the behavior of their users across multiple domains. This raised significant privacy concerns, as using third-party data aggregators exposes a brand's consumer data to unknown entities. With Segment Cross-Domain Analytics, brands no longer have to make this trade-off between personalization and privacy.

"Brands and consumers want the same thing: customer experiences that are personal and connected, but also private, without sharing data between companies," said Peter Reinhardt, co-founder and CEO of Segment. "Segment has practiced this philosophy since its inception and has worked hard to enable other companies to do the same. For years, companies have had to compromise, but Cross-Domain Analytics allows businesses to understand and respond to user behavior across their domains without sharing data with other companies."

Second-party cookies are more respectful of customer privacy because they only share data across a company's domains that the customer has already browsed. By relying on second-party cookies, Segment Cross-Domain Analytics is the only solution available today that respects consumer privacy, while increasing analytics accuracy across the varied domains many companies own. Cross-Domain Analytics cannot be used to track customers across separate companies.


Ecommerce brand Glossier has been using Cross-Domain Analytics on its two domains: their ecommerce site and their blog and community site For the first time, the Glossier team was able to measure conversion across the two domains.

"Now we know that people who browse both Into The Gloss and Glossier are 40% more likely to purchase than people who just browse Glossier," said Bryan Mahoney, CTO at Glossier. "We also know exactly how many Into The Gloss readers never end up on Glossier and have built new campaigns to encourage them to check out our products."


With Cross-Domain Analytics, Segment customers can easily correlate user behavior across the multiple domains they own. The product is designed to help businesses recognize how each brand supports the others, helping inform key business decisions, including:

  • Marketing Attribution. Businesses can understand how user actions on their multiple editorial or promotional micro-sites lead to conversions. Then, they can optimize their sites to drive the customer behavior they want.
  • Post-Acquisition Strategy. Companies will be able to measure how users on a newly acquired domain overlap with their existing properties, leading to an effective segmentation and brand strategy.
  • Content Coordination. Publishers can measure how readers browse content across their domains, and decide whether to replicate content across brands or specialize on separate topics.

"Third-party cookies are on their way out. We're seeing an industry shift to second-party cookies which only share data between sites that customers have already visited," said Reinhardt. "For example, many ad tech companies rely on third-party data, whereas Google and Facebook are second-party for most consumers. Going one step further on security and privacy, Segment's solution only works across domains that are owned by a single company."

See how Segment Cross-Domain Analytics can help your company today here.

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