Symphony Health and comScore Introduce Next Generation Cross-Channel Optimization & Measurement Solution

DRx 2.0 improves speed of data delivery and reporting flexibility to life sciences advertising campaigns

Phoenix, Arizona, UNITED STATES

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. and RESTON, Va., June 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Symphony Health and comScore today introduce DRx 2.0, a next generation cross-channel media optimization and measurement solution that delivers data faster and makes insights more actionable. This enhanced solution builds on the companies’ existing capability that links advertising exposure data with rich, behavioral healthcare metrics to help pharma marketers optimize the delivery and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Symphony Health and comScore will be showcasing DRx 2.0 during Digital Pharma West from June 13 – 15, 2017. For more information, please visit

Now in its third year, the partnership between Symphony Health and comScore has successfully helped pharma marketers measure the cross-channel exposure of their campaigns and resulting marketing outcomes. The solution offers a unique understanding of digital campaign delivery by measuring only viewable advertising impressions and the associated demographics and patient characteristics of that delivery. This advertising exposure data is then linked in a HIPAA compliant manner to a broad set of data including Rx, claims, EHR, diagnostic, demographic and OTC data to help stakeholders better understand, execute, optimize, and measure the impact of media campaigns.

The launch of DRx 2.0 radically improves reporting speed and actionability for pharma marketers by delivering data in near “real-time” through a flexible reporting interface with improved data visualizations. This enables marketers to monitor cross-platform advertising campaigns as they are delivered and make in-flight optimizations to further increase their effectiveness.

“As an industry, measurement needs to be more fluid and dynamic,” said Mark Miller, SVP of Audience & Media. “Definitively measuring the impact that media has in driving script changes takes time; often 3 to 6 months post campaign launch.  Audience Quality reports, which measure how efficiently media reaches the target audience, is the earliest report against which brands can act; typically, one week from campaign start. By harnessing the richness of data captured on impressions, clicks and actions, and leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning, we identify high value behaviors that are correlated to offline, down-stream behaviors that are less frequent and significantly lagged.”

DRx 2.0 arms the industry with actionable insights that can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of marketing. We help our clients answers key questions to inform better marketing decisions:

  • Publisher performance:  How effective were publishers in reaching the diagnosed population?
  • Creative performance:  How well did message, content and ad format resonate with certain audiences?
  • Media and brand engagement: How engaged was the user with the content?  Did the user engage with sponsored brand content on a site?
  • Actions: What online signals are predictors for offline behavior?
  • Outcomes:  How did the campaign impact script lift as well as patient outcomes and health care provider prescribing patterns?

“As the media landscape becomes more complex, marketers are increasingly challenged to execute effective cross-channel media strategies that reach the right audiences and drive outcomes. But without the ability to see which media are performing, their ability to course-correct and improve outcomes is limited,” said Jason Patterson, VP Health Marketing Solutions at comScore. “Our existing DRX solution was already providing our clients with vital information on whom their campaigns were reaching and what actions they took as a result. We’re excited to take this solution to the next level with faster data and more actionable reporting.”

About Symphony Health:
Symphony Health provides best-in-class data, analytics, technology, and consulting solutions with actionable insights. The company helps clients grow while enabling a transformation of the healthcare ecosystem by connecting and integrating a broad set of primary and secondary sources, health research, analytics and consulting.  Symphony Health delivers a comprehensive perspective on the real dynamics that drive business in the life sciences market. For more information, visit

About comScore:
comScore is a leading cross-platform measurement company that measures audiences, brands and consumer behavior everywhere. comScore completed its merger with Rentrak Corporation in January 2016, to create the new model for a dynamic, cross-platform world. Built on precision and innovation, our data footprint combines proprietary digital, TV and movie intelligence with vast demographic details to quantify consumers’ multiscreen behavior at massive scale. This approach helps media companies monetize their complete audiences and allows marketers to reach these audiences more effectively. With more than 3,200 clients and global footprint in more than 75 countries, comScore is delivering the future of measurement. Shares of comScore stock are currently traded on the OTC Market (OTC:SCOR). For more information on comScore, please visit


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