Surveyed Global Life Science Teams Expend Up To $30 Million in 2017 for Patient Adherence Activities

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwired - June 14, 2017) - As increasing patient adherence efforts continue an upward trend in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, surveyed global life science firms report expanding patient adherence budgets in 2017, according new research by business intelligence firm Cutting Edge Information.

Data published in the study, Patient Adherence Program Planning: Drive Compliance to Improve Treatment Outcomes, revealed that a Top 10 pharma company reported the largest budget increase, growing from $10 million in 2015 to $30 million in 2017.

Additional data from same study found that smaller pharmaceutical companies surveyed report significantly smaller budgets. However, one Top 50 company and two small medical device companies expect budget increases in coming years.

"Patient adherence has been a growing interest within the life sciences industry for several years," said Adam Bianchi, senior director of research at Cutting Edge Information. "To support these continuing -- and in many cases, growing -- patient-centered efforts, life science companies are increasing monetary resources to their marketed brands."

Compared to their global counterparts, surveyed regional groups typically report much smaller budgets. According to the study, two of five teams report stable brand budgets from 2014 to 2017, including one Top 50 company, whose team reports a small growth from 2014 ($2 million) to 2015 ($2.1 million). Another small pharmaceutical company's team reports a brand budget of $500,000 across all four years.

One Top 50 company's regional team is an exception to the smaller regional budget trend; it reports the largest brand budget across all four years. The company reports a $35 million brand adherence budget for 2014, which is higher than the budget reported by the Top 10 company's global team mentioned before. However, this regional team's budget decreased by $20 million in the next year to only $15 million. The budget is expected to continue declining to only $10 million in 2017.

Patient Adherence Program Planning: Drive Compliance to Improve Treatment Outcomes, available at, examines how pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other life science companies develop and support patient adherence topics. The report includes detailed benchmarking metrics and case studies of winning initiatives, including budgets, timing, outsourcing and vendor selection, as well as program channels -- including digital and mobile resources -- for new patient adherence initiatives.

The report is a decision support tool for life science companies seeking to implement or improve their approaches to patient adherence. The report is designed to help executives:

  • Develop a winning combination of patient adherence activities across a range of media
  • Take advantage of new patient adherence technologies and strategies, such as gamification
  • Benchmark budget and staffing resources for patient adherence initiatives
  • Discover industry trends and insights into new approaches for patient adherence programs

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