Vedanti Licensing Limited and Max Sound Provide an IPR Update

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - June 19, 2017) - Vedanti Licensing Limited (VLL) and Max Sound Corporation (OTC PINK: MAXD) announced that on June 14, 2017 they have filed the Notice of Appeal with the Federal Circuit in response to the Board of Judges' May 17, 2017 PTAB decision concerning its co-owned '339 patent which is part of the international Optimized Data Transmission (ODT) patent portfolio.

On May 17th, 2017, the Board of Judges issued its decision in the '339 patent IPR. Google filed two separate petitions against the '339 patent. VLL/MAXD defeated the IPR that was based on Belfor and Thyagarajan but Google won the second IPR on Spriggs. VLL has appealed this decision with the Federal Circuit based upon Counsel's review of standing case law.

Steve Hawkins, CEO of Vedanti Systems Limited and Vedanti Licensing Limited states, "Over the last couple of weeks our attorneys have carefully looked at the key legal issues as to whether claim 1 recites separately identifiable processes for frame analysis and pixel selection and have concluded that our position is superior. The Case law supports treating the separately claimed elements as separate. The arguments raised by the Board are flawed. Neither do we agree that the specification supports their ruling. Therefore, we believe we have a great case for overturning the decision. On that basis, we have now filed the Notice of Appeal."

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