Health Data Vision, Inc. Unveils New Software Features in MRCS 4.27

GLENDALE, Calif., June 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Health Data Vision, Inc. (HDVI), a healthcare SaaS company providing enterprise-class, workflow automation solutions for healthcare-payers, today announced the release of Medical Record Collection System (MRCS) 4.27. The release includes enhancements for health plans who license MRCS for in-house use and to collaborate with HDVI, as well as those subject to Medicare Advantage Risk Adjustment Data Validation (RADV) requirements.  Upgrades to the user interface increase ease-of-use and place greater power into the hands of the client administrator.

MRCS 4.27 Upgrades

  1. Enhanced Data Loading
    In MRCS 4.25, data uploading became available to HEDIS client administrators to self-validate data. In 4.27, this feature has been enhanced to support the Initial Validation Audit (IVA) format, reducing data submission time and increasing time for chart retrieval and coding. 
  1. Self-Service Chart Loading
    Client administrators have a new option in MRCS for attaching medical charts to the system. In addition to the prior methods of fax, mail or FTP transfer, there is now a self-uploading module.
  1. Custom Provider Communications
    Client administrators can now customize a provider document checklist or accept the default list, providing greater efficiency in communicating with providers to collect missing information from the medical record.
  1. Improved IVA Workflows
    MRCS now includes Non-EDGE Claim (NEC) workflows, to meet the 2016 HHS-RADV protocol as part of the data load, which addresses health plans with capitated provider contracts.

“HDVI continues to develop new capabilities and make improvements to existing functionality so that health plans may take control of their Quality Improvement and Risk Adjustment initiatives,” remarked Jay Ackerman, CEO of HDVI. “The market is thirsty for software like MRCS to accelerate the value-based care model.”

HDVI is committed to making MRCS the best SaaS solution in the industry. To this end, we have brought on a new VP of Product, Kevin Owens, who will be speaking with each of our customers to listen and collaborate on version 5.0. For more information go to our website and click on “Download our MRCS Brochure.”

About Health Data Vision, Inc.

Health Data Vision, Inc. empowers payers to take control of their HEDIS® and Risk Adjustment initiatives to improve quality of care and revenue performance. With its licensable MRCS SaaS platform and proprietary Secure Virtual Print that supports paperless electronic medical record collection, clients and partners can manage projects with either full-  or self-service (in-house) resources, or collaborative model. Quality and Risk Adjustment initiatives are critical revenue drivers, thus commanding executive attention and investment focus. For more information about HDVI visit or call (866) 969-3222 or email us at pr(at)