New mobile math game solves the summer learning loss problem and captivates kids with exponential fun

Star Force Heroes Math incorporates advanced artificial intelligence to help kids excel at math

SENECA, S.C., June 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kids’ brains on summer: It’s like one step forward and two steps back, according to experts. To help parents and teachers keep kids’ math minds from turning to mush this summer, game developer Poly Want A Pixel Studios just released Star Force Heroes Math. It’s available on iTunes and Google Play.

Unlike other math apps that are based on a traditional, boring and even frustrating flash card approach to aid math recall skills, Star Force Heroes Math engages kids with highly visual, captivating, amusing and even addicting challenges.

Using artificial intelligence, the game adapts and customizes the experience by increasing difficulty levels in real time. The player’s progress is captured in detailed statistics that allow parents to monitor response times, correct answers, calculations and areas where the player is having difficulty.

Research from Duke University shows that students lose an average of 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in computational ability over summer breaks. And 60 to 65 percent of all fourth through eighth graders fail to meet basic mathematical proficiency, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Star Force Heroes Math helps bridge the achievement gap by promoting the fun of continuous learning, creating a unique, powerful and productive learning opportunity.


  • The player helps four heroes (each of whom have unique abilities) collect cannon balls by solving math problems correctly. Once the arsenal is built, the heroes can shoot the cannonballs at encroaching pirate ships, led by the evil General Null. “Battle mode” is a reward for correct answers and offers a brief respite from answering math questions.
  • Four games are included, and there are no in-app ads or purchases required. All expansion content is free.
  • The game is designed for children ages nine and up.
  • No internet connection is needed to play.
  • Cost is $4.99.
  • The game is available for iPhones, iPads and for Android phones and tablets. Larger devices are recommended.
  • Screen shots at full resolution are available here.
  • A review code is available for app reviewers by contacting Chris Cartledge (see below).


  • “As a father of two children who struggle with math, my wife and I tried many programs. The apps were too predictable and monotonous and both my son and daughter became frustrated. We learned that variety and amusement are the way to keep them engaged and the longer a child is captivated, the better the chance he or she will retain the facts.” –Chris Cartledge, Poly Want A Pixel Studios CEO.
  • “The research demonstrates that game developers see a mismatch (in edugames) between the games’ dynamics and learning goals, but they often fail to take into account the necessity of having particular learning goals embedded. Star Force Heroes Math brings a gamer’s approach that includes attention to educational goals, and a team of educational experts to support this goal. – Dr. Dani Herro, Assistant Professor Digital Media and Learning, Clemson University.
  • “I’ve tried many math apps and they have all been tedious, tiresome, ‘skill and drill’ apps. I had to battle my kids to play them. But they love Star Force Heroes Math and play it every day. Their math skills are improving continuously.” – Jennifer C., South Carolina-based home school mother

Poly Want A Pixel Studios started as a couple’s mission to create learning materials, desperately trying to teach their children the basics of education. Now, it is a full-service gaming and digital media studio bringing an innovative, creative vision to educational gaming. Poly Want A Pixel Studios specializes in creating, designing and building interactive media including apps, games, graphics, 2D and 3D illustrations, animation and music. Learn more at


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