Proof Delivers First Secure Multi-Domain Data Analytics Exchange

Phoenix, Arizona, UNITED STATES

Unique collective intelligence platform enables enterprises and individuals to share data securely and create a “single source of truth” about their collective effort, impact and insight

Unlimited networks of people and teams can crowd-source data, crowd-compute business impact, and crowd-share information and insights – even across organizational lines

Powerful people-first data integration approach and computing power expedites onboarding and time to value

PHOENIX, June 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Proof, the first software company to automate the computation of marketing’s business impact, today introduced Proof Exchange™, a first-of-its-kind secure collective intelligence platform that enables an unlimited number of individuals and organizations to create secure, cloud-based work groups in order to crowd-source relevant data, crowd-compute the cause and effect relationships hidden in that data, and crowd-share those insights securely with the entire distributed team.

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Tom Bishop, Proof’s chief technology officer, architected Proof Exchange. He is renowned in the enterprise software industry as a thought leader on the balance between security and sharing, collaboration and control.

“Data typically is tied to a particular person or team, which means it is often highly distributed across an organization and its external partners,” Bishop said. “What’s more, the politics associated with centralizing control over data can be a deal-breaker for collaboration. Major information sharing platforms like Dropbox and Microsoft SharePoint have been unable to resolve these challenges. Proof thought about the problem differently, delivering a very secure collective intelligence platform that allows networks of people and teams across different organizations and enterprises to share relevant data and jointly compute their business impact, all while maintaining permanent control and ownership rights over their data.”

For years, security concerns have prevented corporate employees and teams from sharing the sort of crucial performance data, analytics and insights that could dramatically improve the quality of performance and the ability to demonstrate impact achieved with their partners and vendors, including management consulting firms, advertising and PR agencies, channel partners, and recruiters.

“Proving the business impact of marketing and communications is an old and persistent challenge,” said Kelli Parsons, who has served as both chief marketing officer and chief communications officer for financial services giants like New York Life, Fannie Mae and Warburg Pincus. “One big reason is that it is hard to share sensitive data, not only within complex companies but also with outside partners. My experience as a CMO is that these security concerns often make analytics-driven collaboration a non-starter, which also makes it almost impossible to coalesce a complete and accurate picture of marketing’s business impact. Proof Exchange clears this road block completely, enabling the whole extended team to safely share disparate but relevant data, and then jointly compute and collectively understand the business value of their important work.”

“During my career, I served as the marketing or communications leader in several large companies, and one of the biggest obstacles to understanding our impact was the challenges associated with mobilizing our data,” said Mark Stouse, Proof’s founder and CEO. “Most marketing and sales organizations don’t have the time, money or expertise to build and manage a data lake.  They need a faster, easier and much more affordable way to integrate the data siloes that are spread across their teams, their company and their larger partner ecosystem. They need to be able to cut through the political tangles around data ownership.  By leveraging data siloes instead of trying to eliminate them, Proof Exchange helps leaders and teams to quickly break the data logjam and get to the crucial answers regarding business impact and value creation.”

Christopher Engman, chief revenue officer for high-growth enviro-tech company Climeon, said, “No company, team, or individual can be successful for very long as a walled garden. The ability to securely share the right analytics allows highly distributed teams to build the single source of truth they need to ensure consistent performance and unity of mission. Proof Exchange uniquely enables multi-domain teams to contribute and integrate their data, and then jointly compute and share the important insights from that data.  Proof will be a significant competitive advantage for Climeon.”

Brent Diggins, senior vice president and global measurement and analytics leader for top marketing and communications agency Allison+Partners, added: “One of the biggest challenges for agencies is that they typically don’t have access to robust business data from their clients. Proof is the first software platform to use advanced math to reveal the hidden impact of marketing and communications on any aspect of company performance, including revenue, margin and cash flow. Proof is a very dynamic solution that provides powerful answers to questions that clients ask me every single day concerning the business impact of marketing and communications.  Proof Exchange dramatically expands the power of the original Proof application, giving agencies a new and very exciting opportunity to improve their alignment with their clients’ business objectives.”

“The delivery of insight through analytics is inherently a partnership between people, organizations and data, and the goal is to create a hive mindset in the team that enhances integration of effort and collective performance,” said A.J. Dennis, principal analyst for New World Resource, a technology consulting firm that helps companies such as Carnival Cruise Lines leverage new approaches to networked and crowdsourced data. “Proof Exchange enables companies to define a new kind of secure access to data and insights, effectively creating an unlimited capacity for data sharing and computational partnership in a way that has not previously existed between companies, consulting firms or other types of business partners.”

Each Proof Exchange is a secure work group with a designated owner and administrator, often from the company who is employing the other team members or is otherwise acting as the nucleus of the team. Every Proof Exchange maintains a clear record of data origination and ownership for very member, and the legal rights to data are determined by agreements between the parties. Proof is hosted on the Amazon Web Services platform.

First available to customers in January 2017, Proof’s rapidly expanding customer roster reflects the easy adoption and scalability of the platform.  Proof customers range from high-growth mid-sized companies and agencies to Fortune 100 enterprises.

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