Thousand-Foot Waterslide Hits City Streets

Salt Lake City, June 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --



Thousand-Foot Waterslide Hits City Streets

Slide the City announces 2017 schedule

We will be joining the city of Swansboro on July 15th. We can’t wait to slide Swansboro, North Carolina!


Summer 2017 - The sun is shining and the swimsuits and floaties are coming out of the closet! Slide the City is suiting up for 2017 with our fans ready to celebrate summer. Last year, cities full of water lovers slid into summer on this king-sized slide. With plenty of new locations, Slide the City will be the first to beat the heat when the summer returns and is the coolest water attraction without contest. Organizers anticipate lots of events in cities worldwide this summer, including our recent addition to our family: Niagara Falls!


SLIDE SOCIAL: Innovation Only

New markets being added weekly means the marketing team is busy curating an immersive experience online. With interactive live streams hosted by your cities favorite bloggers, personalities, and videographers. We leave digital mementos that provide an exciting platform for sharing and creating for EVERY slide enthusiast!


“Stretching three city blocks, the slide definitely beats your usual morning commute!” said co-owner John Malfatto, “But this year we wanted to add something more. The only thing better than a slip and slide as a kid was the annual block party. Why not combine the two?”


Slide the City promises a block party to remember. After speeding down familiar city streets, sliders can take a break to check out street entertainers, visit local vendors, and munch on snacks enveloping the entire community and unique flavor each has to offer. This is about all of us and the greatest summer party you made the guest list for.  As always, Slide the City will donate a portion of the proceeds from each event to a local charity.


“I brought my family and my girlfriend to Slide The City. You can find us by spotting our giant donut floaties. This would rank of one of the perfect summer swim days I have ever had. I slid, I conquered, and then I found tacos. Winning? “ - Damien, Atlanta


Tickets for various locations are already on sale. Sliders can purchase a Triple or Unlimited Slider Pass. Bring your wackiest floatie and coolest sunglasses to slide. Visit for more information about Slide the City dates and locations, or check out what fans have to share on our awesome social media outlets.

For a sneak peek of what is to come watch this awesome 2 million view worthy Youtube clip:

                                                      Slide The City is a whole subsidiary of Sack Lunch Productions Inc.  (OTCMKT: SAKL)


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