Tech CMO Michelle Killebrew Joins Proof Advisory Team

“Transformation can be overwhelming. The stakes are very high. Marketers are caught on the leading edge of that transformation, pressed between changing customer preferences and legacy expectations from peer executives. It’s a great time for a company called Proof.”

SAN FRANCISCO, June 29, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anyone who knows Michelle Killebrew will tell you that she is a mix of many things.  She is a technologist, social scientist, former IBM marketing leader turned CMO for IoT sous vide food-technology startup Nomiku, and spouse to David Killebrew, IBM’s highly regarded futurist on all things retail.

Arcing above the many different facets of Killebrew’s persona is her passion for Transformation. Having led the portfolio strategy for IBM’s social business category, she expanded the portfolio to over 400 products and aligned them to help IBM’s clients prepare for the business transformation required to survive in this rapidly changing business landscape. Killebrew intimately knows the challenges of digital transformation, and how every department must transform to meet those challenges.

“There’s always a lot of disruption and innovation ahead of transformation, and that’s why I’m so excited to be a part of Proof,” said Killebrew. “A huge storm has engulfed marketers in the past 5-6 years – what has worked for years no longer seems to work, audience channels have proliferated but so has fraud, business leaders are more frustrated than ever, and while marketing technology has exploded, the core problem of proving business impact remains a thorn in the side of many CMOs.”

Killebrew continued: “Proof delivers the final piece of the puzzle, enabling networks of people and teams to collaborate across organizational boundaries to integrate their data and validate their business impact. As a data-driven marketer this is the pinnacle of understanding exactly what’s working. Moreover, Proof allows marketing to up-level the conversation at the C-Suite beyond KPIs that measure effort, to analytics that reveal real performance and impact. Proof is like a Rosetta Stone that enables executives from different disciplines to speak the same language and reduce miscommunication over metrics.”

Proof integrates data from unlimited sources and owners into a fully instrumented framework of computed “cause and effect” relationships.  These relationships often include data from marketing, communications, sales, HR and other parts of the business, as well as data from external third-party sources (macro-economic data, reputation scores, etc.). The software uses that data to automate large numbers of time-shifted correlations, delivering a dashboard of computed attribution and business impact.

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Proof is a unique collective intelligence  software platform that allows networks of people and teams to collaborate across organizational lines in order to integrate their data and jointly validate their business impact. Visit or reach out @proofanalytics for more information, or call or text Mike Atwood at 603-305-2165 to schedule a Proof demo. 


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