Robert Brevelle Selected to Manage North American Seed Venture Capital Fund

Robert Brevelle, Managing Director of Startup Evo, to Lead North American Seed Venture Capital Fund

Corinth, Texas, UNITED STATES

Dallas, June 30, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Robert Brevelle has been appointed as the managing member of a new seed venture capital fund. The fund will make investments in companies at the series seed through C capital financing rounds. The investments will be in early stage North American based companies serving the agritech, aerospace, and transportation industries.


The fund was established earlier this month and has been fully subscribed and funded at $2.5M USD. The investment thesis and strategic business plan identified the agritech, aerospace, and transportation industries as investment focus areas with the number and size of the transactions to be determined based on the merits of each opportunity. However, the range of individual investments is expected to be $100,000 to $250,000 with an objective of fully allocating the fund in 2017. A new fund will be established for 2018.


Mr. Brevelle was selected based on his track record of early stage investments, exit events, and leading tech companies. Mr. Brevelle is an active early stage angel investor and is a member of several investor groups to include TIG and Soothsayer. He has been involved in early stage companies since 1997 and he has experienced multiple exits to include acquisitions by Fortune 500 companies. He has held C-level, advisory, and board positions at private and public companies to include Lumenari, e2v, Mobifalcon, Selery Fulfillment, Marshall Holdings and SD3D. Mr. Brevelle is currently the Managing Director of Startup Evo, a leading startup accelerator and venture capital firm.


“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with many of the fund’s investors for the past decade, and I look forward to this leadership role where we leverage our previous successes to seed the next generation of engineering and tech companies,” said Mr. Brevelle. “This fund is part of a larger portfolio of funds, and our relationship with the more established portfolio companies will provide strategic value to the early stage companies by leveraging lessons learned and best practices, access to customers and markets, and in other facets of their businesses. This will provide a force multiplier that will accelerate growth for the early stage companies resulting in increased valuations, exit opportunities, and investor returns.”


The fund’s investment criteria includes:

- C-Corp with headquarters in North America

- Series Seed thru Traditional C Round

- Technology Driven, Results Oriented

- IP or Tech-based Discriminators

- Post Revenue

- Agritech, Aerospace, or Transportation Industries


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